Monday, February 9, 2015

Holla for 2 baptisms!

February 9, 2015
Hollaaaa Familia!! 
This week was really good, we had the consejo de lideres with Pres Smith and he gave a talk that gave me a lootttttt of ganas to keep working so I felt really great after that meeting. So that afternoon we left to go work and ALLL of our appointments fell and I randomly said to my comp "Lets go put a fecha with Nazaret" and it was so weird cause i reaaaallyyyy wanted to go and invite her to be baptized. So we went and she said yes and her mom gave her permission and then Saturday her sister also agreed to being baptized!!! So they will both be baptized this Saturday the 14th so happy valentines day to me!! And my last baptisms! But I am super excited and it will help me to stay focused this last week! 
Life is super good, I love being a missionary and getting to know all sorts of people and helping them and I'm really grateful that I can be here in Guatemala helping these peeps cause let me tell you, they need lots of help. 
I didn't get to do divisiones with Holloway this week cause they had to go to Guate but this week we will do them. 
Well love you all, have a good week! 
Love, Kelci 
The adioses have begun....

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