Monday, February 16, 2015


Well this week was soooooooo good, one of the best weeks of my mission. We were super busy all week with the baptism and what not so that was super good. Thursday I had my last interview with Pres Smith and that was THE COOLEST THING EVER. I love President Smith. But i'm getting ahead of myself. Tuesday was the zone meeting and i gave my talk and it was good and then after the meeting we had time to take pics and what not and while we were doing that my comp made a secret video for me, asking everyone to say something for me. SHE IS THE BEST. I can never get over how blessed i am. Then Thursday was my interview and we talked about golf a lot so that was super cool and he let me ask him anything i wanted to, it was about an hour and a half interview and SOOOOO GOOD i'm still thinking about it. He gave me a lot of good advice and at the end he thanked me for my work and he told me that there were 2 reasons why we serve missions. 1, to bless the lives of others and 2, to change my own life and become the person that the Lord wants. And then he told me that i have become that person and he quoted matthew 25:21 and told me that he sees my future and it is a wonderful future. So that was the most inspiring thing. A lot of people are sad and depressed about having to end their mission, it is sad and a little scary but I am satisfied with what I have done, I have served the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength and now I am ready to move on and continue becoming the person the Lord wants me to be. 
Um i took the bomb but instead of blowing up it made me constipated so that was weird. Until last night someone gave us fried carrot patties and that KILLED me. 
The baptism was so good, Chariny and Nazareth are the cutest. A family helped us make cupcakes and members brought some other snacks so that was good. 
While Conner had an eventful valentines day, mine was quite the contrary (thank goodness cause thats just way too cheesy). We ate ice cream shaped as hearts.
Well every day this week we had a dinner appointment so here are the things that the people fed us-crepes, extreme hot dogs, pupusas, mcdonalds,fried carrot patties, baleadas and thats it i think. It was a pretty good eating week haha.   
Well I have LOOOOVED serving in Guatemala. Everyone asks my whats the most important thing I have learned in my mission and I would definitely say doing the Lord's will. I didn't even know what that meant before. But when we do His will things work out so much better. Being a missionary was the best decision I could have ever made and I am grateful for the experiencias I have had to be able to see how the gospel can change lives, especially mine. 
Love, Kelci

Chariny and Nazareth

Member family that fed Kelci and HR every Sunday!

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