Monday, February 16, 2015


Well this week was soooooooo good, one of the best weeks of my mission. We were super busy all week with the baptism and what not so that was super good. Thursday I had my last interview with Pres Smith and that was THE COOLEST THING EVER. I love President Smith. But i'm getting ahead of myself. Tuesday was the zone meeting and i gave my talk and it was good and then after the meeting we had time to take pics and what not and while we were doing that my comp made a secret video for me, asking everyone to say something for me. SHE IS THE BEST. I can never get over how blessed i am. Then Thursday was my interview and we talked about golf a lot so that was super cool and he let me ask him anything i wanted to, it was about an hour and a half interview and SOOOOO GOOD i'm still thinking about it. He gave me a lot of good advice and at the end he thanked me for my work and he told me that there were 2 reasons why we serve missions. 1, to bless the lives of others and 2, to change my own life and become the person that the Lord wants. And then he told me that i have become that person and he quoted matthew 25:21 and told me that he sees my future and it is a wonderful future. So that was the most inspiring thing. A lot of people are sad and depressed about having to end their mission, it is sad and a little scary but I am satisfied with what I have done, I have served the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength and now I am ready to move on and continue becoming the person the Lord wants me to be. 
Um i took the bomb but instead of blowing up it made me constipated so that was weird. Until last night someone gave us fried carrot patties and that KILLED me. 
The baptism was so good, Chariny and Nazareth are the cutest. A family helped us make cupcakes and members brought some other snacks so that was good. 
While Conner had an eventful valentines day, mine was quite the contrary (thank goodness cause thats just way too cheesy). We ate ice cream shaped as hearts.
Well every day this week we had a dinner appointment so here are the things that the people fed us-crepes, extreme hot dogs, pupusas, mcdonalds,fried carrot patties, baleadas and thats it i think. It was a pretty good eating week haha.   
Well I have LOOOOVED serving in Guatemala. Everyone asks my whats the most important thing I have learned in my mission and I would definitely say doing the Lord's will. I didn't even know what that meant before. But when we do His will things work out so much better. Being a missionary was the best decision I could have ever made and I am grateful for the experiencias I have had to be able to see how the gospel can change lives, especially mine. 
Love, Kelci

Chariny and Nazareth

Member family that fed Kelci and HR every Sunday!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Holla for 2 baptisms!

February 9, 2015
Hollaaaa Familia!! 
This week was really good, we had the consejo de lideres with Pres Smith and he gave a talk that gave me a lootttttt of ganas to keep working so I felt really great after that meeting. So that afternoon we left to go work and ALLL of our appointments fell and I randomly said to my comp "Lets go put a fecha with Nazaret" and it was so weird cause i reaaaallyyyy wanted to go and invite her to be baptized. So we went and she said yes and her mom gave her permission and then Saturday her sister also agreed to being baptized!!! So they will both be baptized this Saturday the 14th so happy valentines day to me!! And my last baptisms! But I am super excited and it will help me to stay focused this last week! 
Life is super good, I love being a missionary and getting to know all sorts of people and helping them and I'm really grateful that I can be here in Guatemala helping these peeps cause let me tell you, they need lots of help. 
I didn't get to do divisiones with Holloway this week cause they had to go to Guate but this week we will do them. 
Well love you all, have a good week! 
Love, Kelci 
The adioses have begun....

Monday, February 2, 2015

Holla fo saving lives - spiritually and physically

February 2, 2015
HolaFamiliaaaa!!! Whats up! Well this week started cuper crazy. We did divisiones Tuesday and I went to an area called San Mateo with an hermana named Hna Garcia from Mexico. The first lesson we went to was with an antigua investigadora and really Hna Garcia didnt know anything about her, just that her husband is a singer. So we walk into her house and its a really nice house and we go into the living room and there is a display of a bunch of CDs but the CD covers are porn....ummmm i was just like okay well this will be a great lesson. Then I ask her what kind of music her husband makes and she points to the CDs....they are his....ohhhhhh that was great haha. Well then we just start the lesson and we were gonna start teaching Lesson 1 but I just felt really strong not to so we started asking questions and what it comes down to is she ended up telling us that she has a lot of problems with her husband and he drinks and a ton of stuff and I felt really bad for her but regardless of the 4238569328 pictures of porn in their living room, the Spirit was really strong in that lesson. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. Being so in tune with the Spirit is the best part. 
Later that night in divisiones we went to visit a familia thats menos activa. Well we were knocking the door when they come walking up and open the door and just walk in and we were just standing in the street waiting for them to tell us to come in. All of a sudden we here a little kid yell "La abuela esta tirada!!!" That means that the grandma was on the ground. so we just run in the house to the room where everyone was and there was a suuuuper old lady in corte laying on the floor shaking like she was having a seizure and everyone just stood there watching her so me and hna garcia picked her up and sat her on the bed and just held her in our arms while she continued shaking. Hna garcia called the elders and told them to come quick. Meanwhile we just held the old lady and tried to get her to calm down. I felt her pulse (good thing i paid attention in school) and she barely had any pulse!!!! I literally was thinking that this stinkin old lady is gonna die in my was crazy. She would have random attacks and stop breathing and ughhh it was awful. Then the elders came and we left them to take care of her and ran looking for a member that could help. We found a guy that is like a nurse or something and he went to the house and said that we had to call the ambulance so we did and they took her and it ended. All this happened in like 20 minutes. It was sooooo crazy and moral of the story is that an old guatemalan lady almost died in my arms. 
It was a weird week but after that things slowed down. Nothing else really happened. Yesterday we weren't gonna have any of our investigators go to church but then God loves us and does miracles and the members brought some investigators so that was super cool. 
Well love you all, have a great week!!! 
Love, Kelci 
Chicken feet

Monday, January 26, 2015

Holla fo finding out a girl isn't a member of the church?!?

January 26, 2015

Hola Familia!! This week we had interviews with President and it was super good. He asked me what I had been studying in my personal study and I shared 3 Nephi 27 about how Jesus asks what type of hombre are we and how early in the chapter Jesus tells us to do the things that He did and Pres invited me to read the New Testament as well and that it would change my life and help me become like Christ if I really focus on the things He did and what kind of person he was. So I started and I've only read 5 chapters of Matthew but it is SO AWESOME and I've learned so much. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.
Well this week we had all these investigators to go to church and NO ONE went so we were like dang...2 weeks in a row, no one going to church but we prayed for a miracle and then after sacrament mtg they tell us that this girl (who the week before every one told us she was a member) apparently isn't a member! So then we talked to her and nope she's not! Her mom is less active but it was cool cause in the class they stood up and talked about how this year they want to change and be happier and the first step is going to church! So that was really exciting. 
My companion got your package at our district mtg and the whole time she was guarding it. IT WAS SO FUNNY. Someone would touch it and she would be like HEY! THATS MINE. And then later that night she opened it and LOOOOOOVEDDDD IT. I did too. She was soooooo happy so thanks a lot for sending that. She's such a good person. 
Well that's about all for now. Love you all, have a good week! 
Love, Kelci 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Holla fo fighting off dogs with a stick and a rock

Hola Familia! 
Well this week was interesting and like half of our investigators de repente changed and told us that they are  never going to change their religion and its better if we don't visit them...sooooo that was interesting. We still have some who are interested but yet again, it is so hard for them to go to church so that is still what we are working on and trying to figure out what we can do different so that they go. But we found a new family that is super cool and positive so we will start working with them as well.
Ummm what else, I can't even remember. This week we had a leadership mtg with Pres and it was really good as always, he really focused on finding families.  
I got my Christmas package from gpa this week....holy cow that made me want to be back in america everything was soooo delicious, i almost ate everything already! I forgot how good food was in the states haha so thanks a bunch grandpa! 
Saturday we did divisiones with some jovencitas in our ward y me toco ir lejos con una jovencita que se llama Yasmine. We went to look for some menos activos that have been inactive for 3 years and we had never been before and they live soooo far but we went. Well it was about 45 minutes walking and finally we get to what looks like might be there houses, when we are walking up, a trillion million dogs just start ATTACKING. It was the worst and I legitametally thought i was going to die. Luckily I had a rock and Yasmine had a stick so she was shooing them away with that and I chucked my rock at the dog that kept trying to bite me. We just started walking backwards and finally they went away y al fin salio la hermana. Well we visited them and turns out there are 5 families who are inactive and they said that they would go to church that Sunday but they wanted us to meet them halfway so we said okay and told them that we would call them to tell them at what time. Well Saturday night and Sunday morning we were calling and calling but they never answered! So decidimos que de plano van a venir. Pero when we are at church they walked in!! It was so exciting and such a miracle. Life is great and its great to be a missionary. In my personal study I have been reading in 3 nefi when Jesus is talking about the gathering of Israel and its so cool to be able to be a part of it! 
Well have a great week everyone, love you all and kick bootie in bball! Love you all
Love, Kelci 
The "Indiana Jones Bridge" (named by Davis)
that they had to cross to get to an appt

Monday, January 12, 2015

Holla fo eating with cats

January 12, 2015

Hola familia! 
Well this week I experienced my worst nightmare. Saturday we went and ate lunch at a family's house and the food had so much cat hair in it and 4 stinkin cats were watching me eat the whole time. I told my comp that I was in my personal hell. Hopefully I never eat there again. 
Really I have no desire to write  a letter right now. Everything is good, we are trying to help all the hermanas be better teachers and ask inspired questions, that is definitely the big struggle. Tomorrow we have a mtg with Elder Duncan so we will see how that goes. Gladys is apparently going back to her pueblo cause she is sick but her cousin is here working with her and they both went to church yesterday so that was cool. 
Have a lovely week every body. Love you all.
Love, Kelci 
Zone meeting with Elder Duncan (next to Pres & Sis Smith)

Hermana Reyes, Brenda (investigator), Kelci

Kelci with Gladys and her cousin (investigators)
Kelci bent down because she is tired of being the giant

Monday, January 5, 2015

Holla fo time is is the letter

HOLA FAMILIA!!!!! HAPPY 2015!!! can you believe it cause I sure can't! 
Well I was sick for new years so I slept. Really I have no desire to write a was really slow this week, all the New Years fiestas and what not. The Familia Villanueva is soooooo nice and rich. I'm so glad they sent you fotos! Well....if you have questions just ask when we chat cause I don't feel like writing. ADIOS LOVE YOU ALL
Love, Kelci