Monday, February 2, 2015

Holla fo saving lives - spiritually and physically

February 2, 2015
HolaFamiliaaaa!!! Whats up! Well this week started cuper crazy. We did divisiones Tuesday and I went to an area called San Mateo with an hermana named Hna Garcia from Mexico. The first lesson we went to was with an antigua investigadora and really Hna Garcia didnt know anything about her, just that her husband is a singer. So we walk into her house and its a really nice house and we go into the living room and there is a display of a bunch of CDs but the CD covers are porn....ummmm i was just like okay well this will be a great lesson. Then I ask her what kind of music her husband makes and she points to the CDs....they are his....ohhhhhh that was great haha. Well then we just start the lesson and we were gonna start teaching Lesson 1 but I just felt really strong not to so we started asking questions and what it comes down to is she ended up telling us that she has a lot of problems with her husband and he drinks and a ton of stuff and I felt really bad for her but regardless of the 4238569328 pictures of porn in their living room, the Spirit was really strong in that lesson. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. Being so in tune with the Spirit is the best part. 
Later that night in divisiones we went to visit a familia thats menos activa. Well we were knocking the door when they come walking up and open the door and just walk in and we were just standing in the street waiting for them to tell us to come in. All of a sudden we here a little kid yell "La abuela esta tirada!!!" That means that the grandma was on the ground. so we just run in the house to the room where everyone was and there was a suuuuper old lady in corte laying on the floor shaking like she was having a seizure and everyone just stood there watching her so me and hna garcia picked her up and sat her on the bed and just held her in our arms while she continued shaking. Hna garcia called the elders and told them to come quick. Meanwhile we just held the old lady and tried to get her to calm down. I felt her pulse (good thing i paid attention in school) and she barely had any pulse!!!! I literally was thinking that this stinkin old lady is gonna die in my was crazy. She would have random attacks and stop breathing and ughhh it was awful. Then the elders came and we left them to take care of her and ran looking for a member that could help. We found a guy that is like a nurse or something and he went to the house and said that we had to call the ambulance so we did and they took her and it ended. All this happened in like 20 minutes. It was sooooo crazy and moral of the story is that an old guatemalan lady almost died in my arms. 
It was a weird week but after that things slowed down. Nothing else really happened. Yesterday we weren't gonna have any of our investigators go to church but then God loves us and does miracles and the members brought some investigators so that was super cool. 
Well love you all, have a great week!!! 
Love, Kelci 
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