Monday, January 19, 2015

Holla fo fighting off dogs with a stick and a rock

Hola Familia! 
Well this week was interesting and like half of our investigators de repente changed and told us that they are  never going to change their religion and its better if we don't visit them...sooooo that was interesting. We still have some who are interested but yet again, it is so hard for them to go to church so that is still what we are working on and trying to figure out what we can do different so that they go. But we found a new family that is super cool and positive so we will start working with them as well.
Ummm what else, I can't even remember. This week we had a leadership mtg with Pres and it was really good as always, he really focused on finding families.  
I got my Christmas package from gpa this week....holy cow that made me want to be back in america everything was soooo delicious, i almost ate everything already! I forgot how good food was in the states haha so thanks a bunch grandpa! 
Saturday we did divisiones with some jovencitas in our ward y me toco ir lejos con una jovencita que se llama Yasmine. We went to look for some menos activos that have been inactive for 3 years and we had never been before and they live soooo far but we went. Well it was about 45 minutes walking and finally we get to what looks like might be there houses, when we are walking up, a trillion million dogs just start ATTACKING. It was the worst and I legitametally thought i was going to die. Luckily I had a rock and Yasmine had a stick so she was shooing them away with that and I chucked my rock at the dog that kept trying to bite me. We just started walking backwards and finally they went away y al fin salio la hermana. Well we visited them and turns out there are 5 families who are inactive and they said that they would go to church that Sunday but they wanted us to meet them halfway so we said okay and told them that we would call them to tell them at what time. Well Saturday night and Sunday morning we were calling and calling but they never answered! So decidimos que de plano van a venir. Pero when we are at church they walked in!! It was so exciting and such a miracle. Life is great and its great to be a missionary. In my personal study I have been reading in 3 nefi when Jesus is talking about the gathering of Israel and its so cool to be able to be a part of it! 
Well have a great week everyone, love you all and kick bootie in bball! Love you all
Love, Kelci 
The "Indiana Jones Bridge" (named by Davis)
that they had to cross to get to an appt

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