Monday, January 12, 2015

Holla fo eating with cats

January 12, 2015

Hola familia! 
Well this week I experienced my worst nightmare. Saturday we went and ate lunch at a family's house and the food had so much cat hair in it and 4 stinkin cats were watching me eat the whole time. I told my comp that I was in my personal hell. Hopefully I never eat there again. 
Really I have no desire to write  a letter right now. Everything is good, we are trying to help all the hermanas be better teachers and ask inspired questions, that is definitely the big struggle. Tomorrow we have a mtg with Elder Duncan so we will see how that goes. Gladys is apparently going back to her pueblo cause she is sick but her cousin is here working with her and they both went to church yesterday so that was cool. 
Have a lovely week every body. Love you all.
Love, Kelci 
Zone meeting with Elder Duncan (next to Pres & Sis Smith)

Hermana Reyes, Brenda (investigator), Kelci

Kelci with Gladys and her cousin (investigators)
Kelci bent down because she is tired of being the giant

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