Monday, December 8, 2014

Holla fo another wedding!

Monday, Dec 8 2014

Hola Familia!!! 
Hmmm I can't remember anything from this week...OH!! Wednesday we were walking home from lunch with a member lady and her house is like in the middle of nowhere so its far away and not many people. Well we were walking and far away there was this guy with his shirt off, staggering, falling over, clearly drunk just like every other person here in Toto. But then he put his shirt back on. Then we were walking towards him and he was on the same side of the street as us so we crossed. Well when we were closer, I made eye contact with him, he took his shirt off and came and just grabbed me. It was so funny cause the member was screaming and I was kinda in shock but then i just like pushed him and started walking really fast and he couldn't keep up. It was funny but kind of shocking. So there's that little story to keep you interested. 
Well we had been teaching this family of 4 but it didn't look like they were very interested but then the hija came to church yesterday! That was cool. Also there is this member guy with his wife who isn't a member but she is like the nicest lady ever. They aren't married cause he is married to someone else still but this week we talked to an abogado and said that he can get divorced in 14 days!!!! WHOOOOO and then they will get  married and she will get baptized!! Seriously it would be my third boda!!!! HOLLAA. We are praying that the divorce can go through quickly! que mas....
My companion is like the coolest person ever. Life is so much better when you have a good companion. 
We actually do have a Christmas tree! Its a small little one that we found in our house so yay!!! OH also thank you soooooo much mom for the package with the fudge and what not, I'm so excited to give all that our to the members!! 
Well I think that's about it, thanks for everything yall do! Love you so much and look for people to share the Christmas DVD with cause its so awesome!! Have a good week, kick bootie in bball everyone! 
Love, Kelci 
Kelci and Alejandra (family they are teaching)
Notice the hat and scarf - Kelci says she never takes it off because it is so cold.
I checked my handy dandy weather app - in Totonicap√°n its mid 60's during the day and mid 40's at night but they have no heat in the houses.

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