Monday, December 1, 2014

Holla fo Totonicapan (even if it is cold, moldy and flea infested)

Hola Familia!!! Well I am FINALLY out of Xela and now I'm in a place called Totonicapan and my area is called Chiyax. It is suuuuuuppperrrrr freeezing here and looottss of wind and hills. But that means I can get used to the cold before going home to even more cold and I can maybe lose a liiittttle weight. Vamos a ver pues. Well my area is super cool,its like cityish but has nottthing american so its like a city but guatemala style, but at the same time its surrounded by really poor aldeas. It's huge but i really like it. My companion is Hna Viera from Honduras, she has 9 months in the mission. She is suuuuuper chill and life is soooooo much easier with her. Also she likes to work so she will help me my last three months for sure. Life is good. 
We share an area with elders. One is a gringo soooo we defintely had thanksgiving dinner (well as close as we could get). In between me and him we made baked pollo cause turkey is waayyyy too expensive. I made mashed potatoes and he made some green bean thing that was suuuper good and some corn. And the members made some bread and we ate pie de queso cause we couldn't find pumpkin or apple pie. It was a pretty darn good thanksgiving. I'll send pics. 
The members here are suuuuper awesome and willing to help but its the smallest reunion sacramental that I have ever been in. But everyone goes to church and dresses in their corte. Its pretty cool. 
Remember how before the mission dad told me that after living in Guatemala I wouldn't think anything was gross? Well it's so true, our bathroom is covered in mold and like I'm so shocked that i don't even care. People pick their nose and it's like well might as well pick mine too hahaha just kidding but really, dad was right. 
My comp is so cool. The mission is the best. 
I think thats it for now. Love you alll soooo much. Have a good week! 
Love, Kelci

Kelci and Hna Viera

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