Thursday, August 14, 2014

Holla fo seeing old friends!

Aug 11

Well this week was better! We were working our butts off all week and by Sunday we didn't have anyytthingggg. But 3 people came to church!! MIRACLES ALWAYS HAPPEN. And then later last night we put fechas with 2 of the three!! YAYYY. We will keep working with them. 
This week it has been soooooooooooo hawt. I'm getting tan again so really I love it. Also we were super busy this week helpin hnas who are having problemsso that occupied a lot of time. Also my ward from huehue went to the temple and I got to see them!! I saw Oliver and Gerardo! and some of my favorite families. I love those people. I can't wait till you guys meet them! They are my Guatemalan family! I love HueHue! 
Well, I think that is it, I can't really remember anything else. Oh I was soooooo sick this week so I started taking the poop tests. Word has it I have parasites that have been in my stomach too long so they started eating and digging into my liver. Woot woot! not really sure what the next step is from here. I think its making me lose weight though! hahaha. 
Okay LOVE YOU ALL. and glad you guys could go to church in Mexico and not understand anything and know how I felt the first three months of my mission. Have a good week!! 
Love Kelci
"this family is so cool. they let me eat Nutella out of the jar with their little daughter, heheh"

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