Thursday, August 14, 2014

Holla fo a sleepover

August 4 2014
Well HJ left this week and that was the saddest thing ever. Not really cause I'll see her again but being her companion was the besstttt. But Tuesday night we ended up with 7 hermanas in our house and 3's all a really long story but just know it was the craziest night ever. We didn't really sleep at all. 
Work has been kinda slow this week. We really have just been looking for people to teach but people just don't understand what they are missing. We aren't really allowed in Anderson's house anymore and Laura went to the coast this weekend to ask permiso de su mama pero todavia no hemos hablado con ella. Its so stinkin hard for me to talk english now. 
This week we had a leader mtg with pres. HE IS SO COOL. He cares way more about our personal conversion than baptisms and I really like that. When we are obiedent and trying to be better every day, the baptisms come. He is inspired. I also saw HM and she says that she loves you all!! Shes so cute. 
Well I cant really remember anything else. Hope yall enjoy mexicoooo!!! Love you all!!! 
Love, Kelci 
"7 girls....too many"

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