Monday, August 18, 2014

Holla fo an amazing year!

Hola Familia!!! 
 UMM WHAT THE HECK I AM COMPLETEING ONE YEAR THIS WEEK. I have not felt this past year of my life AT ALL. Last night I couldn't sleep and i was just remembering college golf and just thought about all my golf tournaments and how they are just memories now and then I thought about my mission and how in 6 months its only memories and I just BAWLED for a really long time cause I DONT WANT IT TO END. But i am gonna work my bootie off these last 6 months! 
Well this week was good. We had interviews with Pres and Sis smith and those were so awesome. Pres helped me a lot with how I can help the hnas better. Also in my interview with Sis Smith we talked about hair the whole time. She is the cutest thing and I love them. They are inspired people. 
We will baptize Byron on the 30th of this month. He is super awesome and has sooooo many questions about the church and really wants to learn more. 
OH. This was funny. The nurses called me and said "hey hermana robertson you have a parasite but its not the type we treat but we are gonna send your results to the doctor in guatemala to see what he says." THANK GOODNESS the doctor has some common sense and he prescribed me some pills so I will start those today! 
Well thats about it for now! SO CRAZY that Conner goes to school in a week. I feel like he just got home...As long as he waits till February to get married hehe. Okay LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!! Love, Kelci  

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