Saturday, July 5, 2014

Holla fo mission life

June 30 2014
Hola Familia!!! 
So today for pday, the leaders had a little get to know you with the new pres and his wife, President and Sister Smith. They are super cute and I love them!!! They are from Utah and they had just gotten back from a mission in Guatemala city in January!!! So they are amazing! I'm so excited to have them here! 
Well this week was like spring break here so it was pretty slow work wise but it was a good week. I talked to Abdulio so I'm good there now I think. Guty says he's so happy to be a Mormon so yayyy!!!! It's a miracle how lives can change! Oh my foot fungus got worse so I called the nurses and they told me to soak it in water with bleach every night so I've been doing that. I think its helping? Also I washed all my shoes so hopefully it goes away! 
What else....mmmm nothing much. Just lovin the mission! Have a great 4th of July and tell all the fam hi!! take lots of pictures!!! Love you all! have a great week!
Love you all! Love, Kelci 

P.S.  funny story, we got locked out outside today...our door just closed and we were stuck!! and we live on the third floor soooo....that was funny. and no one else was in the building!!! it was worrysome. but HJ yelled down to try and get someones attention and i banged on the door. After like 5 minutes some random person came and saved us thank goodness! it was real funny

Sister Smith (new MP's wife), HJ, Kelci

"oh ya know, just soaking my feet in bleach and plucking my eyebrows"

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