Monday, July 7, 2014

Holla fo an earthquake (3rd and biggest)

Hola Familia!!! 
Well the highlight of my week was probably the CRAZY earthquake this morning!! It was at 5:30 and all of a sudden everything just started shaking a little and then A LOT and then things started falling and I didn't know what to do (seeing as how i've never been trained to live through an earthquake) so I just stayed in my bed haha. But then it ended and the Zone leaders called and a lot of members called to make sure we were okay so we didn't really go back to sleep. But it was crazy! And I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what to do in an earthquake sooooo hopefully there are no more or I receive a class on what to do cause it was actually kinda scary especially on the third level, even though they say that's better. Who knows, but it happened and we lived! 
Also, gramps I got your package!! Thank you sooooo much!! I literally am so shocked at how perfect you choose gifts! It's all the things I needed and wanted!! Thank you so much! And me and my comp listened to my music card a lot haha those are awesome. 
We had 9 investigators at church. The best part is we only bring 4 and the other 5 go by themselves. So that's awesome that they WANT to go to church. A lot of them are progressing too. We are working with someone named Marino. His wife and 5 kids are all members and he has been going to church for 10 years and visited by missionaries for like 5. At first we weren't seeing any progress with him but last night we had a great lesson with him and he knows and wants to be baptized, he just has to give up drinking so we will help him. He will be baptized this month. Also Freddy, he was a reference and he's 30 and solo so we use Guty to help us with him in the visits. Guty is so pilas cause we get there and he's just like are you gonna go to church cause you should and then just tells him all the good things about church. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK. It is THE BEST thing to see people change and then see them help other people! Love it. 
Sounds like ya'll had an awesome fourth of July!! We did too! We woke up and made french toast and a smoothie and then made American flags and sang American songs haha (thank goodness I was with a fellow gringa!) then we had TWO lunches and I felt so sick. One with some yummy Guatemalan food and jello and cake that we made and the other one the people gave us hot dogs. Then someone gave us dinner too, it was a food filled day like every 4th of July!! and it was great, the American holidays in a non American country are actually really great. 
What else, it was a lovely week, enjoying la obra del Senor and learning new things every day!  Love you all so much, thanks for everything. 
Love, Kelci 
4th of July cakes

"it's not supposed to be raining on the 4th of July..."

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