Monday, June 23, 2014

Holla fo praying & fasting & praying & a baptism!


Hola Familia!! Como estaannn??? 

This week was THE BEST week of my mission but by far the hardest (but in a good way). We had the baptismal date for Guty for the 21st but he always told us that if he doesn't feel God, he's not getting baptized. Which was ridiculous cause the guy has been taught for missionaries for 7 years and gone to church the whole stinkin time, it's impossible he hasn't felt God!!!! He just wants something big. So tuesday we had a lesson with Guty and we asked the Zone leaders to come. It was a SUPER powerful lesson but still, he says he didn't feel anything. Every day and night I just pleaded and pleaded in my prayers that Guty would feel something! I centered my personal study around him and every time I received revelation for him. It was so awesome cause in comp study we share what we study and HJ would be like well I found this for guty and then I
would say oh I found this for guty. EVERYTHING WAS FOR GUTY!! Then wednesday we had a lesson with him and we shared the story of Enos and then invited him to fast and told him we would be fasting with him. So we did that. Then the next day we go with him and he says what am I doing wrong, I'm fasting and I just prayed all night and I haven't felt anything. WHAT the guy stinking prayed all night!!! What a nut!!! but awesome!! And still he refused to get baptized. Then thursday we had an AMAZINGLY powerful lesson with him about Jesus Christ. We watched the video gracias a el, it's super short video but if you havent seen it WATCH IT. It gives me chills every stinkin time. And STILL Guty refused. We were lost. We did not know what else to do for this guy. So we invited him to a zone service project we had friday morning. We cut grass in a park with machetes, haha. But there he talked to every missionary in the zone!! and then he had his baptismal interview but he still said, I'm not getting baptized. So spur of the moment, HJ and I told him her we´re taking you to the temple today at 2, meet us in the mercado and we want you to shave and look nice to be in God's house and he said okay. We went home and showered and studied for him and prayed a lot cause up until this moment we hadn't lost our faith but I will tell you, God was testing my faith. So at 2 we meet him in the mercado and the guy was in a suit!!! recently shaved and all!! our jaws dropped. (i forgot to mention the guy was STILL fasting) We go to the temple and sit in the little waiting room right inside the doors (like in our temple) and we all kneel and each say a prayer out loud. We prayed in english and wow, the spirit was so strong. after the prayers we just stayed on our knees for a lonnnnnggg time and Guty kept praying then we sat down and Guty kept praying. After a really long time he opened his eyes and said ¨okay. im gonna get baptized.¨
AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even explain to you the joy i felt!!! after a week of Spiritual battle, the Lord rewards us. So that afternoon we make invitations and just go crazy inviting everyone and everyone was shocked and couldn't believe he was getting baptized but yep!!! Then his baptism was saturday and it was SO AWESOME and he is so happy. So that was my week. It was awesome and I learned sooooo much about myself, the Spirit, God, Everything!!! it was awesome. 

also abdulio confessed his love for me. he wrote me a note in english that I'm the love of his life and he wants me to be his girlfriend under the commandments of Jesus Christ. So that made me upset and now everything is just awkward and I have to talk to him about that. Great. 

OH my fungus this week got REALLY bad and it started eating the bottom of my foot away!!!!!! I got really nervous so I called the nurses and they told me to send them pictures but in the morning i woke up it was practically gone!! So now I'm good, I hope and just continue to put my fungus cream on. the weird thing is it doesn't hurt or itch or anything! 

Hmmm okay i think thats it for this week! Love you all! Have an AMAZING summer and enjoy all the golf!!! 

Love, Kelci 
Service project with machetes

Guty's baptism

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