Monday, June 9, 2014

Holla fo making friends from around the world

June 9, 2014 

So Hna Arredondo has transfers so it will be back to just me and Hna Janssen.
What happened this week....hmm i did divisions with Hna Aragon from Nicaragua and that was fun. I really love getting to know these girls. How cool is it that I have the chance to be friends with people from all over! I love them. 
The work this week was sooooo slow. no one was home, and if they were they didn't let us in. But the elders who we share the area with have an investigator who is atheist and from Germany. He asked us if we could visit him to tell him how we met God. So we started visiting him. The guy goes to church every stinkin week!! But he speaks perfect english and let me tell you, this week I have discovered that IT IS SO MUCH EASIER TO TEACH IN ENGLISH. I love it. But I'm really grateful to learn spanish, i love this language cause you can talk with so much animo and i can be crazy and everone just thinks I'm normal. Anyways, off topic. Guty is atheist but i feel like hes a really good friend and I JUST WANT TO HELP HIM BE SAVED. But the best part is he is trying!! The missionaries have been teaching him for 5 years and he told us that this is the first time he's gonna try to believe. He's gonna be baptized I KNOW IT. 
What else this week, nothing really just a lot of people saying no but I feeel like I've gotten to the point where nothing even bugs or surprises me anymore.
Um pday was probs the best I've ever had. So each companerismo had a whole chicken and they had to prepare it and cook it and then we all tried everyones. We did it in the restaurant of a member and she judged whose was best and whoever won gets their name and chicken as an item on the menu. It was suuuper fun.We did a chicken from Peru, there was one from mexico, 2 from the states, from guate and just really good stuff. We still don't know who won but it was so fun. 
Okay i love you alllll!!! have a great week and thanks for being una familia biennnnn chileraaaaaa. Les quiero!!!!
 Love, Kelci  
the chicken they made for the Pday cook-off

"when I did divisiones someone stuck their parrot on me.
they have no sense of privacy"

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