Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Holla fo converts going to the temple!

Jun 2 at 2:45 PM
Hola Familiaaaaa!!! 
Okay this might be a short letter cause we played paintball today for like 4 hours in the freezing cold rain and now I can't really feel my hands so its really hard to type. But paintball was fun, I just cannot play for the life of me. 
Really i can't remember what happened this week either. The days are passing SO STINKIN fast. I cannot believe its June!! We have some investigators but we have spent a lot of time looking for people. 
I'm still in a trio. 
I have a foot fungus. 
The new shoes you sent me are moneyyyy thank you so much!! 
Umm that's all for now, SORRY. But Kea WAY TO KICK BOOTIE AT STATE. I was thinking of you all Wednesday, la verdad! But i am really proud of you!! I'm sorry everyone got sick though that is no fun but I'm sure a lot of people got a kick out of dad sleeping at the state tourney hahahaha. 
Well I love you all so very much, the email will be longer next week i promise!! 
Love you all!! 
Love, Kelci
I totally forgot to mention: my ward from HueHue had a ward temple trip this week so I went to the temple and saw some of the kids. All my conversos (converts) went but they were in the temple so I didn't get to see them but awesome that they went in!
Guat food storage

"divisiones with my latina homieess"

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