Monday, June 16, 2014

Holla fo the best birthday ever!

hey yall! hows it going!! I hope everyone had a great week! i cant even remember what happened this week except my birthday celebration today!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I'll start from the beginning.
Yesterday a family made me tamales to celebrate my birthday. They were delishhhh and i ate far too many. then this morning I wake up and we cleaned the house and then i took a shower. then hna janssen locked me in the shower for a looooong time. and when she finally let me out she had decorated my desk all cute. then we ate pizza rolls and made a smoothie and i opened my presents. hna cornejo sent me something as well as HH and HJ gave me some stuff and gran sent me a package and i got the one from you guys. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Then we ate chocolate cheesecake yummmmm. Then we went and printed out some pics and bought some things we needed for the house and bought some cake and ice cream for tonight. Then we go to the church where my zone had a surprise lunch for me! it was so awesome!!! we ate rice and chicken and cake and it was awesome!!!! and HJ smashed my face in the cake HA. i will send pics. then we played this game where we popped a balloon and there was a little paper in it of something we had to do like sing or dance or act like a dog chasing a cat with your comp. it was soooo funny. the elders had planned it all!!! that was awesome. probs the BEST birthday i could have ever had. 
This week we worked with Guty. THE GUY HAS HIS ANSWER he just doesn't realize it. he believes in God and Jesus and EVERYTHING NOW!!!! he just says he needs to feel a grand change but he doesnt realize its already happened. so we will keep helping him. we took Abdulio with us last night to visit him and Abdulio is amazing. I'm 10898584768 percent positive that guy will be a bishop someday. you guys need to meet him he is so amazing!! he is just so in tune with the spirit and knows the gospel and he's been baptized 3 weeks!!! amazing. 
I can't remember anything else that happened this week so we will just chat more haha. LOVE YOU ALL THANKS FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES AND PACKAGES!!!!!!! CAN'T BELIEVE I'M 20.....
Love, Kelci
"This is Guty, we planted seeds and talked about faith"


Zone birthday lunch

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