Sunday, June 1, 2014

Holla fo glowing converts!

May 26 at 3:00 PM

HOLA FAMILIA!! Looks like yall had an AWESOME week!!! First off, SHOUT OUT TO KEA FOR MAKING IT TO STATE!!!! Gurl you are amazing. ALSO SHOUT OUT TO MY BIG BROTHER FOR FINISHING HIS MISSION!!!! I am so excited for everyone!!!!! Thank you for the pictures. Everyone is huuuugggeee, especially Davis, dang kid. 
Well this week was insane and I OFFICIALLY decided I'm not having a reception. I hate wedding planning. We made the cake, the decorations, the invitations, EVERYTHING. We also had to figure out the lawyer dealio. It was a week of wedding planning and running like crazy. We left the house every day at 7 AM and didn't come back till 9 soooo that was nuts. 
But friday was the baptism of Suigly and Abdulio. That was the best baptism I have ever had. Abdulio was what I dreamed of an investigator getting baptized would look like. He was so stinkin happy. Glowing I tell you. It was so hard not to give him a hug but it was awesome. Also Suigly, she doesn't show much emotion but later she wrote why she got baptized and it was awesome. The missionaries have been teaching her for over a year and she wrote that one time when we were praying on our knees she felt like she was gonna fall backwards but when she looked at us we were perfectly still. That's when she knew this church was true. That was so awesome. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE AND THIS GOSPEL. God does amazing things and I never would have realized it if I wasn't here. 
Then Saturday was The wedding and baptism. We went to the church at 2 and stayed there till 8. The wedding was supposed to start at 4 but started at 5:15, typical. Yeraldy started crying during the wedding and after gave a really cute speech, she's a really quiet 18 year old girl (who has a kid and one on the way) so it was surprising but it was sweet. It was awesome cause all her catholic family went to her wedding and baptism. All in all it was an amazing week. 
Really that's all that happened this week. Today we didnt go paintballing cause one of the poor elders is in the hospital getting his appendix out but the next week we are going. Today we went to the country club and played basketball and soccer. I love pdays in Xela!!!! 
Okay have a great week everybody, Kea you will kick bootie at state, I'm so proud of you!!! Conner, enjoy america. 
Love, Kelci 


Yeraldy and hubby

Wedding cake made by Kelci and HJ!

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