Monday, May 19, 2014

Holla fo Rootbeer!

May 19 at 1:44 PM

Hola familia! I can't believe this week is here. Conner will be home in two days. I'm just gonna try not to think about it haha. 
Let's just talk about Abdulio. So he totally disappeared until like thursday when we FINALLY found him in his house. Then we discovered he could talk english like perfectly. So we just had a normal conversation in english. He was supposed to be baptized the 17th but because he didn't go to church he couldn't be and at the time he still didn't know that so we were kinda hesitant to say anything about his baptism. But then he was like so umm....i don't know if i can still be baptized this weekend. And we were just like wait. YOU are asking US about your baptism!!!???? But then we explained it to him and moved it for this friday the 24th so he will be baptized woot woot! He came to church and everything. Then we went to visit him yesterday we talked about how his reading was in the BOM and he just told us all of 1st nefi sooooo...THIS GUY IS SO PILAS!!!!!! Now all the members are fighting about who baptizes him haha I'd say that's a good thing. 
This week also we had a ward talent show. We didn't know what we could do as missionaries so we just jumped rope. It turned into a competition and it was really fun. I think the ward loved it. 
Joceline and Jamie is a little difficult with their dad. He's never home during the week or ever. So he doesn't let them leave the house ever. WE will keep working with them though.
Today i had a golden find. ROOT BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was craving it and i'm really excited to drink it!!! 
The rain this week has been up to my knees like every day. I will show pics. One day i did divisiones and didn't take my rain boots sooooo..that ended up freezing but i just feel so unphased about everything these days. 
We are in a trio now. It's actually really nice cause we will just call a YW and do divisiones and we can visit so many people. 
These days I am really just realizing every day how much Heavenly Father really does love each and every one of us and I am in shock every day. He is so good to us and we have never done anything for Him. And that's why I'm here, so that I can pay him back even if its a tinyyyyy bit. 
Love you all, 
(I try not to think about what is in that water!)
Pday with the Hermanas
These 2 pictures: water up to the shins and dirty, worn out shoes, brought to mind the scriptures in Mosiah 15 -
"how beautiful ... are the feet of those who are ... publishing peace"

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