Thursday, May 15, 2014

Holla fo Mother's Day Skype call!

Kelci didn't write a letter this week since we were able to talk to her on Sunday for an hour.  She is doing good and enjoys being a Hermana leader.  Unfortunately both baptisms they had scheduled have been put on hold but the Brother and 2 Sisters continue to learn and grow and Kelci is optimistic the baptisms will happen in the future. 
We did chat over email with Kelci on Monday.  It is the rainy season there and during the time we were "talking" with her it started raining and continued to rain so hard the water was up to almost the top of car tires.  Hopefully she had her rainboots on as she and HJ had appointments to get to no matter what the weather!
She also had a fun Pday traveling to a lake.  She sent many pictures that I will include a few of.

Pday in the jungle (Laguna)

"Hermanas doing Karate Kid on a log"
(I'm sure that is not as dangerous as it looks!)

The rainstorm

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