Monday, May 5, 2014

Holla fo 11 hour meetings!

5/5/14 at 2:01 PM

Hola Familia! This week was really good! It started with a multi zone meeting with Elder Clark from the Seventy. It was like a 5 hour long meeting and then after we had a mtg for the leaders but it was all soooooo good. Such a spiritual day! We got there at 7am and left at 6pm. But he talked about just about everything and inspired us all to be wayyyyy better. He talked a lot about retention with less actives and i liked that a lot.
Okay, so we had a lesson with Abdulio this week and we put a fecha for his baptism and he accepted. And after we asked him if he had anything to say and he told us that he got to this point in his life and he knew their was a purpose but he had no idea what until he started talking with us and going to church and now he knows his purpose. WHAAAAAA I seriously almost started crying. I am just gaining such a strong testimony and realization that this is God's work. His hand is in all things and these people are literally prepared for us. So he will be baptized the 17 de Mayo. The same with the two sisters, Jocelin and Jamie. They accepted their fecha for the 17th as well. They have such a strong desire to be baptized and commit to Christ I love it.
I haven't seen HM in a while but the cute girl sent me some stuff to the mission office, she is the best person ever. HJ is 22. She went to Utah state before. Everyone in this mission went to Utah state before. Well HJ has actually been really sick this week with puking, diarrhea and fever, poor girl but she is a saint and just keeps working. Oh funny story. This week we were walking in a field and HJ turns to me and was like "hna i really dont feel good and think im gonna puke." Like 2 steps later she turned and just threw up soooo bad and then kept throwing up. As soon as she threw up all these 7 dogs started running toward us!! So i grabbed her umbrella out of her hands and picked up a bamboo stick and started defending us while she was puking. I wish someone would have tooken a pic it was hilarious. It rains here a lot and i miss HueHue and the sun but its all good cause i luv this area and the members. Yesterday we had 237 people in church so HOLLAAAAA. It's a lot like home...kinda not really haha.
Anyways, love you all so much! Have a good week and we will chat more on chat!
Love, Kelci
What's a birthday party without a Pinata? (and a really long stick!)

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