Monday, April 28, 2014

Holla fo SOOO many blessings!


Hola familia!! Okay good news I didnt have transfers again, we just had a third comp for a little bit. But HJ says that happens all the time as Hna leaders, so often that we have a third of everything haha. Okay so i love the new area!!! It is sooooooo incredibly different from HueHue. It is a looootttt richer and a lot bigger and a lot more city. And the members help a lot more and the ward is soooooo big. I love it! So i luuuuv my new comp and i luuuuv speaking English ahaha. Being a sister leader is good, its kinda sad cause I find out a looot of things about missionaries that i just do not wanna know but i love helping other Hnas!
I went on my first divisions this week as a leader and it was really good. I just feel like I receive so much revelation and feel the Spirit so stinkin strong EVERY DAY AND I LOVE IT. There were so many miracles this week i felt so overwhelmed by God's love for me yesterday in church. He does these things for us and we don't do anything for Him. That just makes me want to serve Him and give Him everything I have for this half of my mission. We saw so many miracles. We were walking in the street and this guy asked us when our church services were so we told him sunday at 9 and got his number. Then Sunday morning we called him and he was like yea I'm goin to church! so he went to church and he was asking us all these question abut what he needs to do to take the sacrament and all this stuff and homeboy is gonna be baptized I know it. Then after church this lady in the ward was like hey i want you to meet this girl who is interested in the church. So we went with her to the girls house and turns out the girl was still at church cause she went with one of her friends to another ward. So we go back later and she starts asking us what she needs to do to be baptized and her sister too and whooooo baby that was SO AWESOME. I love being a missionary. Tomorrow we have a multizone meeting with a member of the Seventy!! wootu woot and after we have a leader mtg with him soooo kinda nervous for that but it will be sooo good to learn from him. 
Okay pday was so stinkin fun today. We went to the church and played waterballoon volleyball and then played some more water balloon games and then had to search for a candy in a bowl of flower and coco and that just was disgusting and horrible but so funny. then it turned into a water, flour and cocoa fight hahaha it was so awesome and that is the kind of activity I LOVE. Also HJ likes to do exercises and we have a basketball course close to our house so we play bball every morning! thank goodness. Ummm I think that is all. I have hot water, I dont have weird red spots on my body anymore, i get to talk english everyday and i luv my comp. Okay I love you all so much!!!! Have a greaaattt week! We be skypin soon!!! and Kea, HAVE SO MUCH FUN AT PROM!!!!!! Love, Kelci 
Just helping a man change his tire
Kelci and Hermana Janssen at their super fun Pday activity

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