Monday, April 14, 2014

Holla fo MILAGROS!

April 14, 2014

Holllaaaaa familia!! Went to the temple this week! I stinkin LOVE the temple. And we got to eat subway again so waddup waddup. 
So funny story. We were so done with Talmiche but we went Thursday and visited everyone. Well when we visited Oliver his mom was there and she informed us that the kids have permission to be baptized!!!! WHAAATTTTTT!!!!!!! I seriously was fighting the urge to get up and dance I was so excited. So Oliver will be getting baptized this Saturday and the other kids a little later on. HOLLAA. Seriously that just strengthened my testimony that this is the Lords work. Miracles are so awesome, I love this work. 
This week, my bites became sooooooo bad. So I called the nurses (I hate to annoy people and bug them with my probs and sound like a baby but this was soooooo bad) And they brought by some stuff for the bugs, then I sprayed it all over and even changed beds with my comp cause she doesn't have a single bite. But the next day I woke up with more and during the days I would get a new one. I have been praying to figure out what it is and last night I figured it out. Its hives!! I'm pretty positive I'm allergic to the soap that the lady uses to wash my clothes. So we shall see. Its just really disgusting when I'm sitting or walking and someone is by me and they are like eew what happened to your skin....soooo that's great. 
Today we did Zumba with this family. We did it with the mom and two of her daughters. It was super fun but Zumba is sooooooo different with Latinas who know the salsa, borchata and can dance without even trying. So I was just this awkward white girl haha but they were really nice. Then they said every Monday we are gonna do zumba! With the same family, we made waffles with them Friday morning (they got dinero), but they were SOOOOOO delicious. I ate 3. No shame. I realized how deprived I am of America. 
Okay, so this week is Semana Santa, its supposedly their Easter but its like spring break. They have all week off of school and just go on vacations. But no one even knows why they celebrate Semana Santa haha a little sad. But I love this time cause its so easy to talk about Jesus Christ and everyone is receptive if we just say semana santa haha. Anyways, I love remembering everything about Jesus Christ, from His life to His resurrection and especially focusing on his resurrection more than His death. 
Oh. So a couple weeks ago we talked to this guy in the street and he said he would like to go to church so he gave us his number. Well we called him this week and it was a wrong number. But Saturday night we saw him buying tortillas so we went to talk to him and invited him to church and he said yes! So then Sunday we had brought some investigators and then we were about to leave the church to go get him when he came strolling in by himself!!!! WHAT!!! MILAGROSSSS I TELL YOU. Anyways we have an FHE tonight with him in a members house so that will be good. 
I love this gospel!!! I love you all! 
Love, Kelci 
Kelci with some of her favorite families from her ward:


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