Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Holla fo bartering like a champ!

March 31, 2014

TOMORROW I GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO STOKED!! Haven"t been in 6 months so it will be amazing! We are doing the session at 930 so we will leave here around 530.
Marisol got baptized this week. She"s a teenage girl from Talmiche. I made a chocolate cake and a white cake, both from betty crocker, but people LOOOVED it and everyone was like when are you gonna teach me to make it! Uh just buy the box and frosting haha. They are so deprived here of sweets. We will keep working in Talmiche, although it literally just completely exhausts me but if there is people that listen we gotta do it. 
One of our investigators from Talmiche invited us to the birthday party of her 1 year old daughter Saturday. So we went after the baptism and helped a little bit, ate some soup and then they were gonna do a culto, thats like an hour of worship and prayer. We didnt really know how to get out of that so we went to the tiendo (little store) and then never went back haha. 
Last Monday, we had to buy a dress for Marisol and I totally bargained LIKE A CHAMP. Normally I don't like to bargain and just take the first price but not this time. The lady said 135 and I said 100 and she was like 120 and then I said nada menos? and she said 110 for you and then I was like we found one at another place for 80, give it to us for 100 and then she said no and I walked away (really that killed me haha) but then she was like wait! okay 100 and boom!! I was so proud of myself, all thanks to Hermana Montalvo! 
Okay what else happened this week..OH at the baptism of Marisol there was only one witness and we didn't realize it until she was about to be baptized and then we had to wait forever for someone to come. Something always happens, but it all went well in the end. 
Okay I cant remember anything else that happened. 
Oh General conference this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO STOKED!!! But a little ridiculous to say that I will be watching it in the same exact chapel as 6 months ago....definitely did not think this day would ever come and definitely did not think I would still be here! 
OKay Love you all!! 
Love you all so much!! 
Love kelci 
"my favorite picture from the mish. these are some peeps from Talmiche"
(yes, the children are playing with a machete)

"Marisols baptism! thats her mom"
(Marisol is wearing the dress Kelci bargained like a champ for)

"from talmiche! all of Hue Hue!" 

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