Monday, March 24, 2014

Holla fo "livin the rustic life"

March 24, 2014
Hello Family!! Okay I can't even remember what happened this week. All I can remember is I got to see Hermana Montalvo today and man I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! And then I saw Hermana Holloway so that was just as glorious. 
We have been continuing to go to Talmiche everyday because we will be having another baptism this weekend of a 12 year old girl who lives there. So that's exciting! Hopefully her mom will be baptized shortly after. We had 4 other fechas in Talmiche and they were so sosoooooo perfect and they had permission from their parents and everything but the dad just changed overnight. Oliver, one of the youth who was gonna be baptized, told us that his dad told him he can't be baptized anymore. Oliver ended up getting in a really big fight with his dad and apparently cried a while and yea. He also told us he started reading the BOM and just finished 2nd Nephi. Um can you say pilas...PILAS. I dont know what that translates to...something like awesome I think haha. Anyways yesterday we talked to the dad and what it comes down to is he says they aren't ready to be baptized cause what if he leaves the church when he's older blah blah blah. Then he started nailing us about baptisms for the dead and repentance and whoo it was rough. But I would say we did pretty good. But what it came down to is it looks like Oliver and his sibling can't be baptized. Its sad for the dad but we can't really do anything else. We will keep working and finding new people to teach in Talmiche. They are so humble there and really I love going there. 
Yesterday we had lunch with our converts in Talmiche. They ended up killing one of their chickens and de feathering it right in front of us and then ripping it apart and sticking it in the i am definitely livin the rustic life style here. Then they brought me the head of the chicken...It's a really good thing I have a lot of trust with them and easily turned it into a joke without offending them. I just could not bring myself to eat it...eyes and everything. 
I've been showering with cold water and it doesn't even phase me, I'm not scared to hitch hike and get in the car with strange latino men, I eat food with the hair still on it. You could say I'm accustomed to guatemala. Everyone be grateful you live in America haha. 
I'm reading the New testament right now and am seriously learning SO MUCH. It is so awesome, everyone should read the bible. 
Love you all! Thank you for everything! 
Love, Kelci

Cute babies and missionary!

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