Monday, March 17, 2014

Holla fo saving a wedding!

Mar 17 at 12:31 PM
Hola mi querida familia.
Well I can pretty much rule wedding planning out of future career options. Everything was good Saturday morning. And then the couple got to the church and they said ¨Here are the clothes we aren't getting married.¨ I was like what, why and they said everyone was fighting in the truck and now we aren't getting married. Okaayyyyy, so I went inside and told my comp to come here and we went outside and they wouldn't tell us anything and they wouldn't stand next to each other or look at each other and OMYGOSH it was so frustrating. So we were like okay we will go inside and just think of something. We called the bishop and he gave us no solution. Literally everyone and their dog was outside just staring at the two not talking to each other. I went out and I grabbed the hermana and said come here we´re going to talk. So I asked her what happened and she said that she still wants to get married but her boyfriend's parents and sister in law were saying that he shouldn't marry her, look for someone else, blah blah. So I went and I grabbed Otto by the arm, and I'm sure I broke a hundred rules here but at this point I did not care, and I asked him why he wanted to get married and I was really straightforward with him and I probably scared him a little, hahaha, no just kidding, but then FINALLY he was like yes I will marry her!! So then we had the wedding and the 6 baptisms and the bishop and our ward mission leader showed up AFTER the wedding so that was great. But it all went well. It was Otto's bday so I had made a cake that morning and then we went to celebrate with them after the baptism. 
Well I dont have transfers. Pres called us last monday while we were grocery shopping and asked me if I wanted transfers. I said yes but he heard me wrong cause then he was like okay if you think that its better to keep you in this area then we will....soooo that was interesting. Then he promised us if we had the 6 baptisms we could go to the temple and he would buy us taco bell...soooo hopefully that happens sometime soon. 
Carlos is good. Love that little guy. 
The weather is so hot here. Love it.  
I can't even remember anything else that happened besides Saturday. 
Thanks for the emails and pics. Davis you are so big! Looks like your birthday was so awesome!! I'll be there for the next one! Love you little guy! 
Love you all, Love Kelci 
"all da peeps that got baptized!"
the happy couple in back are the newlyweds

After planning a wedding and a baptism for 6, Hma Cornejo and Kelci planned a birthday party for Otto (newlywed and new member of the Church) all on the same day! Happy, happy, happy day!

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