Monday, March 10, 2014

Holla fo 6 baptisms and a wedding!

Wadduuuppp family!
Okay so the ten of our investigators came to church again so we are having 6 baptisms and a wedding this weekend. Talk about stress but it's fine because it will be awesome. I ended up getting some flea spray and sprayed all my clothes and mattress and now I'm golden so that's exciting, don't worry bout them fleas anymore. This week we had interviews with pres and he asked me if I'm ready to train in April....soooo looks like I'm training in April. Transfers are next week, we shall see if i have transfers. This week when we went to Talmiche, they are extremely, extremely poor there, but one of the families cooked lunch for us and it's like ya gotta eat everything right. So it was like this soup with chicken right...well I had a piece of chicken and a piece of who the heck knows what else. It was brown and wrinkly and rubbery. Gosh I could not eat it. I was actually sick this day with a fever or else I think I would have but I just could not. So when no one was looking I put it in my back pack...eew then my backpack smelled so bad haha. Anyways. Oh, I have hitch hiked about 148723758t642387o5238239532 times this week. What has my life come to when there is no shame to hitch hike. But its totally worth it. It has rained insannnnnneeee here. Like its extremely hot until 5 and then BOOM just rains like cray. Okay, I can't remember anything else from this week but we will talk more on chat. Love you all! Happy Birthday Davis!!! Love you!! Love 
"held a chicken, I forgot to tell you that this family has chickens that fight...I put 20 quetzals on one of them. Nah son mentiras. (I'm not lying) It was cool to watch it."

"some of the peeps from talmiche"

"waddup burro, i have never seen so many donkeys in my life"

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