Monday, February 10, 2014

Holla fo napkins

Wadddduppp my homeskilletsssss. So transfers were insane. Saturday night we found out that HM was gonna stay in HueHue so that was happy news but she was upset cause she wanted to leave here, haha. But we went to HueHue without her suitcases to just change comps. We got there around 9:30 and there were so many missionaries and we all just waited and talked and took pictures while everyone ran around trying to ask the assistants who their new comp was and their new area. Saying bye to HM was rough. New comp is Hermana Cornejo, she doesn't speak any English so more practice for my Spanish! I need it! Anyways she´s awesome, she has a year in the mission, learning lots.
I ATE SOME NASTY THINGS THIS WEEK. Fried pig skin. I was eating it, didn't know what it was, and I saw little hairs so I was like "oh the ladies hair got in my food". So I started taking them off then my comp was like, "No Hermana, it's supposed to be like that, just eat it, I'll tell you what it is after". Then after she told me what it was and I wanted to puke. Then last night there was pig stomach in my tamale. The lady was watching me and told me to try it so I did and then I almost threw up and I could not eat it. So when the lady wasn't looking I stuffed it in a napkin and put it in my bag. It was horrible. 
This week we visited Talmiche....that's a 2 hour walk uphill. It's supposed to be only for elders but now there are no elders, so we went. It was like...nobody. But there are two more Hermanas in our area now. They try to steal our investigators....
Everta doesn't want anything, Mario has no problems with the word of wisom but doesn't wanna be baptized so we will keep working with him.
I could write a lot more but I don't want to so we will just chat about it. LOVE YOU ALLLL!!! Love Kelci
(Excerpt from our "chat" since Kelci's letter was a little short on details this time.  Kelci went to a zip line for Pday.)
Me: Where did you go zip lining? Who all went?

Kelci Robertson: It was our zone. They split our zone so there is only like 10 people in our zone. I will send a pic

Me: Was it far away! How did you get there? How long were you gone? How many times did you go? Was it scary?

Kelci Robertson: ehhh 30 minutes away. gone like 3 hours. we went in bus then had to walk a little. I went two times and yes it was scary. We were supposed to break ourselves but I didn't...I'm still not sure why and I rammed into this mat. good thing it was really soft but it was really funny.
(didn't get any pics)

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