Monday, February 3, 2014

Holla fo getting transferred then not getting transferred

HOLLAAAAAA!!! So last night they call us to tell us that WE BOTH HAVE TRANSFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was not expecting that at all, HM was already all packed but as soon as our DL told us that I screamed and just ran around trying to pack my stuff up like crazy. I think I scared our DL haha. anyways so last night I packed everything till 11:30 and then tried to sleep but I was just waaayyy too stressed, as you all know I'm not good under pressure, and ending up getting 3 hours of sleep cause then I woke up around 5. Then this morning again I was running round crazy to pack my stuff up cause we leave for Xela tomorrow at 5 in the morning. Then our DL called us this morning to tell us that things have changed, I'm not being transferred. I was so annoyed but now I'm not haha. Anyways my last day with HM. It's a terribly sad day but I'm excited to get a new comp and learn from her and work our booties off! 
Mario and Everta just like dropped off the face of the earth. We tried visiting them all this week but nada. Soooo we will see. Really we struggled this week with investigators but we are looking! 
So there was like a ward FHE this week that the ward mission leader was supposed to be in charge of but HM and I ended up doing it all. I used dad's idea of when we did the iron rod in our old old house and we made an iron rod all around the chapel to lead to the tree of life which was a little Christmas tree with marshmallows for the fruit. We turned off all the lights and there were wrong paths and really it ended up going pretty good. 
Really, I think that is it for now. I keep getting little bites all over so I'm not sure if we have fleas or not still...I washed my sheets today so we will see. Well talk to ya'll more on chat! Love you all! Love Kelci 

the "tree of life"

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