Saturday, February 22, 2014

Holla fo cutie Carlos

Feb 17 at 12:49 PM
Hola Familia!
THIS WEEK WAS SOOOOOO AMAZING!!!! I had divisiones with our hna (Hermana) leader, hna mcgill. She's a norte and I think that might have been the funnest day and night of my life, never thought my mission could be so fun! She is from Utah and really is just amazing and I got to speak english so it was a good time haha. But we are teaching this boy named Carlos, he is 11. He was a reference of a member. Apparently the elders had been teaching him a while ago but I don't know what happened, they just stopped going. His mom works in Xela and only comes home on the weekends and meanwhile his cousin takes care of them, he has a younger brother. But HC and I went wednesday and the mom was there but she didn't want to leave her room to meet us so we were just like okay we won't annoy her, tomorrow we will talk to her. Then HMcgill came Thursday morning and Thursday afternoon we went to have a lesson with Carlos. We went in and sat down and then the mom came in and gave us ice cold watermelon and was SO SO SO nice. And the watermelon was SOOOOO GOOD. One time Grandpa wrote me and told me he bought a watermelon that was from Guatemala and it was delicious, yea I finally know what he was talking about. Anyways. We started to teach the doctrine of Christ: faith, repentance, baptism what not. IT was going good and she was participating and everything. Then we asked her if Carlos could be baptized and she said ¨por favor, necesita ser bautizado¨ WHAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT. I was literally the happiest person ever. Like I just love Carlos so much and when his mom said he could be baptized i was so excited and happy for him. Then we went the next morning to have her sign the form and boom, we're having a baptism this Saturday babbyyyyy! So stoked. Carlos is the cutest ever, I will send pics. Yesterday we went to visit him and we read the story of Ammon with him and when we finished he asked, "can we keep reading I wanna know what happens next!"  He is golden I tell you. Also we were walking the other day and he was playing with some friends so we stopped to talk to all of them and the others were like who are they and he said "oh they are my sisters". It was the most  precious thing ever! Anyways that's Carlos. 
Today we had a lunch of hermanas and I got to see HM and HH got transferred to an area near mine so I got to see her too! Mission friends are da best! 
Things are going real good, we are working hard. I'm actually working my comp to death cause she doesn't like to work but she's getting used to it hahaha. No mercy. 
Okay to answer some questions. Yes, HC cooks and I am exercising extra hard cause I am going to get fat with her. She doesn't do hair, i am now the companion who does hair, WADDUPPP I feel so accomplished. The weather is hooottttttt as ever. Lovin it. My shoes are all still really good, I think at 9 months I will need one new pair. But I will let you know.  The bugbites on my feet are ridiculous. I think its fleas and when I spray bug spray directly on my bed I'm fine haha, I'm sure thats like really bad but I could care less at this point. 
Okay thats about it. Love you all!!!!! We will talk more on chat!!!!! LOVE YOUUUU LOVE KELCI 
Hermana Kelci and Carlos
"don't worry his eyes aren't actually like that he was making a funny face"
Ziplining for P-day with Hna Cornejo
Hna McGill

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