Monday, January 27, 2014

Holla fo Tripe (not)!


Wadduppp my familiaaaaa!!
Well Claudia didn't get baptized. We went Monday night to have her sign her baptism papers and she said no, no reason, no nothing. We tried and tried to help her but she just kept saying no. So the next day in our district meeting, we always talk about our investigators and we told about Claudia then our DL asked if he could come and do a baptism interview with her to figure out her problem. So he came like Wednesday or something and did the baptism interview. Turns out she really just doesn't have a testimony, she reads the Book of Mormon, prays, tells us its true but really doesn't. Idk. But his comp en 
ded up talking to Mario just 1 on 1. His comp apparently had some problems like Mario's before his mission so he was able to help Mario a whoooooole lot. The next day, HM and I met Mario in the chapel to have a lesson just with him and he told us that he has decided to stop smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH literally no one understands my excitment. IT WAS A MIRACLE!!!! So that was awesome. Then we took him to a baptism of some other elders this week and he loved it. Also we made him a 20 day plan to stop drinking and smoking where he had to open this paper everyday and do something. Some are read the BOM and some are funny. Yesterday was read the BOM and he actually did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I love it when people actually read or pray. They dont know how much it blesses their life. But we will keep working with Mario.

Everta progressed like craaaaazy this week. She told us that she knows she needs to be baptized like Jesus Christ and this is the only church she feels the spirit in. She told us she is ready to be baptized she just has to get married to the man she is living with. He has been out of town until today, so she is supposed to talk to him today. So she will be our next baptism. 

For lunch on Thursday a member invited us and the elders for ¨special¨lunch. Well it was horrible. I thought that I wanted to eat a lot of weird, different foods but then I ate this and wanted to barf and I´ll just stick with chicken thank you. It was soup of cow foot and their stomach and the part where there is milk. EEEEWWWWWWWWWW it was like plastic and chewy and I could feel the hairs in my mouth and it was sooooo horrifying. The member was like, be careful cause this makes everything stick to your hands and you can't get it off...I felt like I should not be eating it then....but its okay, I ate it. 

It's so hot here its ridiculous. The nights are better no but still cold but the day is just like whooooo baby it is hot. But I love it! 

Okay thats about it. Love you all! Thank you for everything y'all do. La mejor familia en todo el mundo! Love you!!!! Love Kelci
Hermana Montalvo and Kelci
P-day adventures

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