Monday, February 24, 2014

Holla fo cutie Carlos' "killer" baptism & hamburgers & chocolate chip cookes

2-24-14 at 12:32 PM

Waddup fam! Had a killer baptism this week.Carlos got baptized and it was awesome. I LOVE BAPTISMS. We ate hamburgers and I couldn't stop eating cause they were soooooooo good. And huge. I ate two. I made a chocolate cake for the baptism and now we have two appointments with members this week to teach them how to make the cake, haha the loved it! Also I made choco chip cookies too! Ohhhhhh I was sick the first day cause I ate wwaaaaayyyyy too many haha but totally worth it. Carlos loved them and so did my comp haha. The only thing is there is this brown sugar that is really gross here but i used it anyway and they were good. Everyone here tells me I'm really good at baking but I can't cook at all haha. I straightened my hair for the baptism and the bishop saw us and was like "Hna Cornejo you got a new companion"! hahaha it was really funny. Hmmmm I think more things happened this week but I cant remember. 
Love you all! Love Kelci
Hna Cornejo, Carlos, Carlos' mom, Kelci on baptism day

Carlos' little brother, Kelci, Carlos

"our area...kinda. after walking for a million miles and hours up a mountain"

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