Thursday, January 23, 2014

Holla fo Elder & Sister Cook

Waddddupppp mah peepssss!!! HOLLLAAA ELDER COOK WAS SO AMAZING I CANT EVEN DESCRIBE IT!!!!!!!! Okay this letter will probably be all about the meeting with him. We woke up at 4:15 to head to Xela. We had a bus just for missionaries for the 3 zones in HueHue and it was packed but it was still really fun. We get to Xela around 8 and it is FREEEEZINGGGGG. We all realized in that momento that we have it so good in Huehue haha. But I got to see all my homies from the CCM and that was to come. Anyways,we pretty much just talk for a while and then around 9 Pres calls us in to the chapel to give us some instructions. Anyways around 10 Elder cook enters and we all stand up and then he tells us to sit down haha. But he came with his wife and Elder Duncan a member of the ├írea presidency and his wife. Well they get there and the first thing we got to do was go up and shake all of their hands. That was awesome...2 apostles down, 13 to go haha. Anyways pres and sis bautista bore their testimonies then Elder Duncan and his wife and all their messages were way good. Let's just talk about how much I was feeling the spirit, SO MUCH IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!! anyways then Elder Cook just took over. He and his wife don't speak spanish so they had translaters. But his wife talked and she was about the cutest person on the face of this earth. She talked about developing Christ like attributes and how she loooooves  music so she did the attribute activity in PMG and applied a hymn to every song. then she led us in a song and we sang a hymn, don't know what it's called in English but OH I remember, Heark All Ye Nations, but we sang that in spanish and she split us in half and we did a round and it was awwweeesomeeeee. But she was awesome. Then Elder Cook spoke and the first thing he did was tell the younger missionaries that they need to rely on the Spirit rather than tradicions of older missionaries. Then he paused for a minute and said, I'm trying to follow what the Spirit is telling me to say. Then he said lets turn to DandC and started teaching out of the scriptures about what kind of investigators we want, what our purpose is, how important commitments are and then how we can be a better part of the ward to build them up. My fave part ever was when he bore his testimony and then left an apostolic blessing. In his testimony he told us that he knows Christ lives because he knows His voice personally, WADDUPPPP APOSTOLES ARE SO AWESOME. In his blessing he really focused on how our missions are blessing our families right now, our future families and our families for all eternity. It was so awesome. And then it ended and it was so sad cause it went by so stinking fast. But it was so awesome, and he just radiated the Spirit. 
Well we had fleas off the chizzzaaannggg this week. Bleh. Really I don't feel anything cause I just pass out haha. Mario and Everta came to church...our investigators that we aren't visiting haha but hey that is better than no one. 
Today we went to a waterfall type thing that was pretty cool, pics to come. Well I think that is about it.  
Love, Kelci

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