Monday, January 6, 2014

Holla fo nobody cares when a bus hits another bus

HOLA FAMILIAAAA!!!! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Can you believe its January...I can't. Anwyays my new years eve was interesting. Our bonfire didnt happen and 3 of our most positive investigadors told us they have no intentions of being baptized soooooo thats that. 
Familia Pelico this week..We visited them yesterday and Hna Seperina was the only adult there so we pretty much asked her for permission for Gladys to be baptized. She told us that Gladys was baptized when she was a baby, so we explained a proper baptism like Jesus Christ. Then she told us that she doesn't think Gladys can receive an answer whether she needs to be baptized or not, so then we asked her if she could have received that answer as a baby then she talked a bunch of rubbish and what it comes down to is her answer is no. So thats that. We will wait to talk to the parents of Evelin and if they say no then we will leave them. Kinda sad but whatevs. 
New years day was absolutely dead here. I dont think anyone understands, there were no cars, no buses, no people, NOTHING all day. No one was in their house to visit and if they were they didn't receive us, members and investigators!! So that was a sloooooow day. 
We found this one boy though named Alex. He´s 14 and has never been baptized so we asked him to be baptized with a date the first lesson and he said yes!!! And then he told us why he thinks he needs to be baptized and that he needs to and WOW IT WAS AMAZING. Then his family left on an emergency trip and who knows when they will be back so he didnt come to church so thats not gonna happen now. But we will keep working with him! 
What else happened this week...not much. Last monday we were in a bus and a bus tried to change lanes or something, who knows, and hit our bus. It was funny because no one even flinched but it was like a hard hit. This place is cray. Hmmmm really nothing else this week. I will have more next week. Love you all!!! Love Kelci

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