Monday, January 13, 2014

Holla fo new investigators and member missionaries!


Wadduupppp familyyyyy! GUESS WHAT!!!! This saturday our mission has a meeting with ELDER COOK in Xela!!! STOOOOOOKEDDDDD! So we will leave as a zone around 5ish in the morning but I would leave at 1 in the morning to listen to an apostle!!! SO EXCITEDD!!!!

So, Alex. We had been trying to visit him every day cause he accepted the date to be baptized so naturally we wanted to keep it going with him. But every day we went they were busy or something. So friday we called him and asked if we could visit him. He told us that his mom wont let him be baptized and she doesnt want to see us again. Well that was great. Also this week, evelins parents told us that she cant be baptized till she can have her own answer and thats at 15. Really we should have been discouraged but for some reason, both of us just accepted it and started looking for new people. When people decline the gospel I really feel sad for them, but I want everyone to have this so we just keep looking. We can walk down every street and name the people in every house and what their problem is or why they wont accept. hahahah my poor comp is so burned out of this area. ANYWAYS, soo off topic. We pretty much left Fam Pelico and rarely ever visit them anymore. Actually we don't visit them anymore. The elders asked if they could start visiting them. We said go for it but good luck! We will see.

We found SOOOOO many new people this week to teach. I would say it's the Lord rewarding us for working our booties off. Two of the families we found have been visited by the missionaries before and were so willing to accept us. We had the first lesson with Maria, I will send a pic of one of her kids who is SO adorable and reminds me a lot of Davis, and we asked her to be baptized and she said that if she recieves her answer, yes she will be baptized. That's what I like to hear, baby!!!! Cause God will give her her answer, she just has to do her part. Also there is this menos activo lady who NEVER EVER EVER lets us in her house, and always makes one of her kids lie to us and tell us she's not there. Well Saturday they let us in!!! Not her, but her kids. She has five kids and they are ages 17 to 13. We have an appointment this week with them to play soccer, HOLLLAAAA so stoked to finally play soccer, and they said they would bring a lot of friends that aren't members! They aren't members but they asked us how many youth there are in our ward, we said 15 and then they said, oh now there is 20 when we go! WUUUTTTT. My mouth dropped. Anyways, we will work with all our new families this week!

Davis! First off, way to kick bootie in your first basketball game!!!! You looked like a  baller and I'm sure played like a champ! Save some of your skill for next year when I can watch you! But I have something to tell you! This week, we were walking and there were these two boys driving a truck but the car was stopped and they were putting gas in the car. I asked them how old they were and they said 12 and 9. The scary part was the 9 year old was the one driving!!!! I asked him if he knew how to drive a car and he said yes! Haha can you imagine driving a car at your age! I thought that was pretty crazy. This country is crazy I tell you.

One of the YW brought her neighbor to church! We had never visited her or even met her but this amazing YW brought her! I LOVE MEMBER MISSIONARIES!!! Everyone do your missionary work! Well after we asked MaFer, the YW, to invite her neighbor for a FHE tomorrow night. She invited her but her neighbor said she didn't like church and she doesn't want anything to do with it. Poor girl, totally shot down hahaha but it happens. Also yesterday, there is this converso menos activo that we always try to visit. She was baptized like 10 months ago or something and had a problem with a ward member we think. But she has a son who doesnt believe in God and hates all religions, especially mormons. So yesterday we went and ringed her doorbell, its on of the ones where you can talk, and her son answered and said who is it, my comp said, its this missionaries is Hermana.... he cut her off and hung up. Totally rejected. It was funny.

Last week HM and I went rollerblading and it was hilarious, HM fell a million times. I will send pics.

Saturday night I fell out of my bed. Then I tried to get up and fell again haahahah just thinking about it I die laughing. In the morning HM told me what happened and she said that I just kept saying oh my gosh and a bunch of other english words hahahaha. I vaguely remember anything because as you all know i am loooocoooooo in my sleep haha.

Dad, hilarious about the lessons with Larry. Good that the missionaries are inviting to be baptized the first or second visit, thats what PMG teaches!! At first HM and I never did that but now we dont leave a lesson without inviting them. That's the only way youll find out if they'll progress! 
Kaitlin Hanson, i'm almost positive I know who that is. BUT THAT IS SO AWESOME!!! Everyone in the mish knows someone from their ward or home who is in the same mission or guatemala, excpet me! Now I will know someone! Def find out what mission she is going to!

Also, lets talk about how STINIKING HOT IT IS HERE. If I'm swimming, tanning or golfing, I loooove heat and sun. But if Im walking 600497496314649 million miles a day...but I'm not complaining cause it could be cold and I hate cold. I'm just kidding nice and tan, the members just tell me i'm really burnt but NO its brown. Although I do have a little appearance of rudolph with my insanelllyyy burnt nose.

Oh, Mom asked about my stomach. If i don't write about anything, it means I have diarrhea hahaha. If I do write about my stomach, it means I dont have diarrhea and its back to normal! So for right now, I have diarrhea like 4 days a week.

But thats all for now! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Keep reading the Book of Mormon and praying every night!! Love you all! Tell all my peeps in our ward hi!  Love Kelci
Roller blading on Pday

Shirts from Grandpa

"This is the kid who reminds me of Davis cause he always wants to play. and really he is the cutest thing ever...don't worry, I won. no mercy"

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