Monday, December 30, 2013

Holla fo s'mores and bonfires

Hola familia!! Loved skyping with ya'll! Well, since skyping not much exciting has happened. I ate 5 tamales in 2 days and there are some in the fridge so you could say I'm tameled out for now. AHHHH grandpa I got your package and I LOOOOOVEDDD IT!!! thank you so much!!! My comp was in absolute shock too. Thank you so much! there is a letter in the mail for you so look for that. 
Well, Thursday I had divisions with one of my hermana leaders. She is a latino and I'm just gonna tell ya'll that every single hermana is scared of her cause she doesn't smile, doesn't talk, nothing. She just has like 24 baptisms for this year so I was excited but kinda nervous to work with her. She came to our area so it was up to me to be the older comp for a day. Really I was quite excited to see her technique to success. Well we had appointments and what not but no one was home and we didn't actually sit down until 8 at night, walking all day. She doesn't know our area at all so it was up to me to find people, really it was fine and I learned a lot....  We had an emergency multi-zone conference with Pres. Friday morning. He pretty much just told us straight up we don't have success cause we aren't obedient and stuff like that. He encouraged us to pray to know our weaknesses, make a list and then for 40 days, don't do those things. I would encourage you all to try it!
So yesterday we had a really long lesson with Mario. Finally we figured out his problem. He tells us all these things about how terrible his friends are and then he tells us that he doesn't think he needs to change his friends and they aren't bad for him. Well we really were at a loss of what to say to that but thank goodness, Israel suggested that his friends meet with us. Brilliant! So he is going to bring his friends to a bonfire tomorrow for the new years. Really I'm quite nervous cause they are like drug addicts and drunk people...we will see. But they have never had s'mores so I am going to teach them s'mores! I'm excited!! 
So 2 of the kids of fam pelico can now be baptized cause they came to church yesterday for the third time. So last night we went and we asked the parents if they could  be baptized. They said that they will think about it. Hopefully they accept cause if not really we can't visit them anymore. We are going Tuesday to find out their answer. Hmmmm, what else. Nothing really. Love you!! Love Kelci 
 the ruins from a Pday a while back
 Kelci's Christmas tree
HR and HM at a Christmas party with evidently an ugly sweater contest (Kelci's specialty)

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