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First off, I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM!!!!!! HOLLAAAA AT YO GUUURRLLLLL!!! Actually it was 2 so that's even more exciting!!!! So this is how it went. Obvi last Monday I was completely doubting that Israel and Transito were gonna be baptized. But monday night we took them morcafe hoping they would replace coffee with this. What went down is that we were having a reunion de zona on Wednesday and at that meeting our leaders needed to know if we were gonna have a baptism this week. Well we went Tuesday to visit Israel and Tranny Tran but only Transito was home and we didn't wanna have a serious lesson with just her so we waited. But they have a son who is 6 and he tells the truth straight up like any little kid. So we´re sitting there and he comes in and he´s like ¨my mom said when the mormons come not to open the door for you guys.¨ Well that was great. We left and we were just like what the heck what now. So we went Wednesday morning, completely last minute, during our studies to visit them to talk to them straight up about baptism. So we went and we were just like alright we have this baptism planned, everyone knows about it, treat is planned and everything... yea all one knew and nothing was planned...but they said that they would talk about it and then have an answer in the afternoon. So that was good enough for us! We went in the tarde and they said they want to be baptized!!! Then the next few days were chaos of planning a baptism in 3 days but it happened and it was great!! The bishop gave us the keys Saturday morning to fill up the font and let me tell you how great that moment was. We were just sitting there watching it fill up and I was so overwhelmed with the Spirit thinking about my baptism and now the work I am doing and how awesome it is and how blessed I am to be able to be doing this. Anwyays, the baptism was supposed to start at 4 but started at 5. I got asked to bear my testimony and of course I cried cause it was like one of the greatest moments of my life. But I talked a lot directly to them and I love this family and I'm so happy for them!! Next step temple!!!!

Okay, I got my 2 christmas packages from you guys this week and OH MY GOODNESS LETS JUST TALK ABOUT HOW I HAVE THE BEST FAMILY EVER. The advent calendar is the best thing in the world and seriously makes my day every time I open a new little note. Thank you everyone!! Also we love the make your own xmas decos. HM absolutely looooved making them. Also we got our gifts.  She also was about to cry when she saw her gifts. HM said its the first gifts she has ever gotten for christmas cause normally she just gets cookies. And then the next day she wore her hair things haha! I've only opened one of my present but it was some white hair flowers that are so cute!! And I wore them for the baptism, I will send pics! time I have diarrhea I will def try that trick. Cameron and Mayes, your letters were absolutely adorable. Thank you so much! I got a bunch of dear elders this week too...letters comin! You are all the best! All the elders in my zone are completely jealous and they just say ÿea it was the same way for me the first few months of my mission...people forget about you.¨ hahahahahahahahahah.

This week we also had a multi zone conference on friday and it was really good! It was from 10 to 3 and we got lunch fed to us and pres came and talked and it was good. They gave us a bag of chocolate and pens and what not for xmas. This wednesday he is coming to work with us! AHHHHHHHH talk about nervous! This week I finished the BOM and Pres. challenged us to start the BOM on Dec 10 and finish in 90 days. Ya all should do it with me!! As for now I am reading D and C and WOW I never knew how awesome it was! It tells you straight up in there how you need to live.

Thanksgiving was awesome! There were about 4 zones at a guys house and his wife is from US so they know what a thanksgiving dinner is! But everything was delish! The only thing it lacked was pumpkin pie but I won't complain cause it was sooooo good! It was like a big family of missionaries. It was fun! Well i'm getting fat. I weighed myself today and gained about 8 pounds. How the heck is that possible when I am walking all over Guatemala every day. I don't even know. IT's the tortillas! I know it but I'm not willing to give them up! Anyways sounds like your thanksgiving was awesome! Now prepping for christmas I assume! Well thats all for now!
Love you all! Love Kelci

Zone Thanksgiving

Hermana M, Transito & Israel Corado, Hermana R

Hermana R & Hermana Call
they were companions for a bit in the MTC

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  1. Hermana Robertson,

    Espero que su tiempo en Huehuetenango esta bien. Digame si alguein alli recuerda de el Elder Stevenson de 1990-1991.