Monday, December 9, 2013

Holla fo packages

Hello Family!!! How is everyone doing! First off I am going to thank everyone for the packages!!!! Mom I got the package with the candy canes....oh how delish is this package. Jen, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PACKAGE!!! I have yet to open any of the presents but I am so excited! The cards are adorable and so creative from your family. Gran, I got your package and dear elder this week. Thank you so much!! 
Well let me just tell you about our experience with pres. So he was supposed to come at 6 and have 3 lessons but ended up coming after 6 and we only went to one lesson and when we got in his car to plan the lesson he wanted to change it. We all agreed we should change the lesson so we did and we only had like 2 minutes to plan it sooo....the lesson went horrid. Everyone agreed (pres and hna bautista and hm and I) and they were in a hurry to drive back to xela so we only got one lesson with them. THen friday we had interviews with pres and he told us he was really sorry and everything that night was his fault and he is gonna work with us again sometime soon. So we´ll see.
 I love the advent calendar so much! Davis your harry potter creature cards are awesome!!!! You know the little window stickers that are jelly? Gran sent me some and my comp tried to eat was hilarious. 
I started doing exercises and stop eating pancakes and I lost five pounds! woo hoo! The exercises are awesome! 
Saturday was a holiday for them...dia de diablo which means day of the devil...great holiday eh? Well at 6 everyone does a bunch of fireworks and then burns a pinata type thing of a devil and just watches it burn. Really anticlimatic but whatever floats your boat haha. Nothing really new work wise this week. We are just trying to find more people to teach. I've had diarrhea just about every day this week, I'm actually thinking I might have a parasite...who knows. 
Well that's all about all for now. Love you all! Love Kelci

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