Monday, November 25, 2013

Holla for gringas making tortillas

November 25, 2013 

For thanksgiving we get to have lunch at this guys house who owns a restaturant and lived in united states and his wife is norte but lives in the states. But our whole zone and I think the other zone of huehue is going to his house at 12 and I am hoping it is a traditional thanksgiving dinner. It costs like 31 quetzs per person but thats like 4 bucks sooo...I´ll take it haha. At least we get to do something!
So this week we continued to learn to make tortillas with Seperina and fam. Last monday they actually sold our tortillas! Hollaaa! And then from there only my comps because she is pro and I still struggle. Like I would be happy to eat them cause I think they are good but here everyone is soooooo picky bout them tortillas. I just tell Seperina that she will have more business if she sells tortillas of a gringa. And its so true!!! People will walk by and see a white girl making tortillas and walk in and just stare. And sometimes they will buy tortillas and sometimes not. I've gotten used to the ridiculous amount of staring here. Also no one here can say Robertson so the kids in Seperina's fam call me Senora de Ingles and the adults call me gringa. It's actually really funny.
So this week we have just been doing a lot of contacting in the street and knocking doors to try and find new people to teach. We had 2 and we are supposed to challenge everyone to be visited the first visit so we challenged them both and they both had the same reply. All we do is invite people to pray to know if these things are true and if they are we ask them to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized. NO ONE WILL PRAY. After we talk to them and they admit that yes they pray then we ask them to pray about these things and they just say ¨¨estoy bien¨¨ like you can't just pray about this...anyways.
Yesterday was stake conference but it was a broadcast to all of guatemala! Henry B Eyring and Richard G Scott were in Guat City!!! How awesome is that. Anyways we got to listen to them and man, I love our prophets and apostles. But fam Corado came with us and they enjoyed it and they got to listen to aposteles so that was awesome!! We are having success with them but it is just taking forever. Some lessons they progress some they don't...who knows. Their problem right now is coffee sooo this week we are working on word of wisdom with them. They have a little grand daughter that calls us Mormones and yesterday during the conference she was running down the isles yelling mormones---it was so funny.
Don't be surprised if I die by attack of dogs. At night we have to walk by this one place sometimes that has three dogs and they always run out barking like they are going to kill us. HM is scared of them but usually there is a rock around so I throw a rock and all is well. But her comp before me did get attacked by one and I always remember Kea's scarring experience sooo yea its a little terrifying.
Yesterday we went to the house of fam Seperina and HM was holding one of the littel girls and she peed all over her!!!! But what's funny is that no one noticed and HM didnt tell me until later that night when we were in our house. I thought it was really funny haha poor HM.
Also another random thing, everyone here thinks its fine to call someone fat. So I get called fat daily. Also everyone here is really blunt and I had a lot of zits this week and they got pointed out daily...also my comp commented daily how ugly my zits were. Sooooo that made me feel good haha.
Well Diana dropped off the face of the earth this week. We called her everyday multiple times and never answered. We figured she would answer after her supposed baptism date so we called her yesterday andddd she didn't answer. Chaffa. Well not much else for this week.  Everyone have fun for thanksgiving and enjoy your american food!!!! Love you all!
Love Kelci

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