Monday, December 23, 2013

Holla for Christmas


HOLA FAMILIA!!!!! I AM THE LUCKIEST AND MOST BLESSED MISSIONARY IN THE WORLD!!!!! Today I recieved a package from Boyd and a package from Laurie and something from the Mathesons and a couple letters. Along with the christmas package from you guys and from Jen and Gran I will have an amazing christmas!!! Thank you SO SO SO SOOOO MUCH to everyone who sends me anything. Really I dont think anyone knows how it feels to be a missionary that gets mail haha. 
This week was the ward Christmas activity. It was extremely hectic and horribly planned but it was good haha. We had SOOOOO many investigators go so that was great. The people were freaking that there wasn't enough food or chairs cause there were so many investigators and I so bad wanted to just rip them a good one cause really WHO IS MORE IMPORTANT but I didn't. There was a marimba so that was pretty cool, one of the elders dressed up as santa claus and gave gifts to the kids and they played some games and we ate dinner. It was good and everyone had a good time. 
Something I experienced this week. So I knew that catholics do the thing for christmas where they like go door to door and look for Jesus or something but this week I experienced it. Friday night catholics swarmed the streets, all walking in a huge mob, led by some youngsters dressed in white carrying a Jesus..... 
Also we had found this family in the street so we went to visit them yesterday to just have a game night and we were playing games having a good time and the grandpa had lost so he had to sing, dance, or model and he decided to model so he gets up and starts introducing himself and says that he is very much active in his evangelico iglesia and that he is going to do something different. He asked us all to stand up then everyone started singing a song from their church and it was really ugly and I wanted to laugh but didn't but that was interesting. Anyways I think that is all for now. 
Sad thing, we had to give our amazingly positive family to the elders of the other area so there we lost an investigator. That's about it. Saturday was a funny day. We visited every investigator we have and then menos activos AND WE DIDN'T HAVE SINGLE LESSON CAUSE NOBODY WAS IN THEIR HOUSE. We just walked all day. Literally. I told HM that if I'm not skinny by the time I go home I don't know what more I need to do and she agreed. But it was a really weird day cause I felt the need to be discouraged but I was not and neither was HM. We ended up visiting Fam Pelico in the tortilleria and had fun with them cause they are awesome. 
I SOOO LOVE my advent calendar. I want one for every day of my mission haha. 
Anyways, love you all. MERRYYY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE. Yall are enjoying the snow and Im getting my tan on! Love you so much!!! Thank you for your prayers, packages, letters, thinking of me, and your missionary work!!!! Love Kelci 

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