Monday, December 16, 2013

Holla fo family Pelico!

December 16, 2013

HOLA FAMILIA!!! Waddup a todosssss!!! Two crazyish things happened to me this week.
1. I GOT CHASED BY A COW!!!! We had a ward activity thursday and when we were leaving we were walking out the gate of the chapel and a cow that was on the loose started chasing us. HM started blabbering in spanish and turned and started running but I was eating cake...I am the fat kid i wasnt really paying attention...but it was really close to me and I couldnt even feel my legs I was so scared. I turned and started walking really fast and I didnt want to run cause I was scared it would run faster. I was gonna hide behind the gate but I really dont know what happened and I just walked into the church and the bishop chased it away. It was so scary hahaha.
2. We were walking in the street and this guy stopped in front of us and started talking vulgar things in english and we just kept walking but then he grabbed my arm AND I WAS SO SCARED. But then God was looking out for me and he said some more bad words then let go of me. People are CRAYYYY here.
Fun fact. Yesterday we walked for a straight hour cause we werent very smart and planned our appointments really far away. 
I accidentally drank coffee this week. One of our investigadors gave us food and I smelled the drink and really it smelled like water and it wasnt brown either so i tried it and it tasted fine. Then my comp asked what it was and she said coffee...whooops.
This week HM taught me how to braid so I can do a fish tail! Woo hoo! 
So we kinda left family pelico and that was really sad cause I love them but yesterday they came to church WOO HOOOO so we can keep teaching them! 
We found a family this week and we had a lesson with them but really it was just playing games and teaching them to pray and the sister prayed for us and then we left. As we were leaving they came running after us and asked us to write down the steps to a prayer so they can pray. WHATTTTTTT!!!! When has anyone ever actually wanted to pray. NEVER. So we gave them a pamhplet with the steps to prayer. Then they came to the activity and church this week. They are golden I tell you. One problem. They arent in our area. We knew that but we found them in the street in our area so we figured it was fine plus their house is just across the street from our area. But the elders in the other area found out sooo...tomorrow we are going to discuss it with our leaders. 
This week also the RS did a thing were they collected a bunch of clothes from ward members and then invited 7 families from each ward to the stake center to take what they needed. It was crazy. It was a mormon goodwill and I thought someone was going to kill someone. Our investigadors got invited so that was good. But it was crazy.
Davis Im guessing you are going through a HP and gilligans island phase. I LOVE IT!!!! I love your cards and I love what everyone writes!!!! (she is referring to the advent calendar) For christmas the bishop invited us and the elders to their house and we are doing a name drawing gift exchange. I drew the little 5 year old boy THANK GOODNESS!! So I will get him something. I LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!! Love Kelci

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