Monday, November 18, 2013

Holla for hanging off the bus!

November 18, 2013
Hola familia!!!
This week we did end up going to Xela! It was awesome to see my companions from the CCM and Sister Bautista cooked for us and that is always delisshhhhhh. Xela was really cold haha but nothing else really about Xela.
So we´ve been working a lot with Diana to get her baptized this month so one night this week, i cant remember what day, but we visited her. And we always have to talk outside her house cause her family doesnt like us anyways we were talking when all of a sudden her grandma came out just screeeaammmiiiinggg and yelling that we dont understand, Diana doesnt want anything from us and that she is gonna call the police....well she didnt call the police so that was good hahahaha but honestly homegirl is loooccooo and completely ignorant. She has absolutely no reason for not wanting Diana to be baptized. Diana has been MIA these past few days so looks like she wont be baptized this coming week but the 30th.
Also I hung out of a bus this week. It was after our district meeting and the bus was completely full so I holded, i dont know what this word is in past tense, on to the bar and hung out the door! It was awesome!!! One could say that I am adjusting to this place, I buy fruit off the street...only bananas and oranges but I consider myself adjusted. Also this week we discovered that we have fleas...we werent sure if it was in our beds or just in the house but we def had fleas and were getting eaten alive, i used a flea collar in my bed and havent had a problem since so i think we are good. Honestly it didnt even phase me, I was way too exhausted to even care. But they are gone for now we think!
So familia corado came to church yesterday...WOO HOOO!!! But they have this dog and it followed us all the way there. Cause we pass by for them and walk to church and their dog followed us. Well it came in the building. Hermana Montalvo and I were chasing a dog around in the chapel while church was starting. It was comical. But church was good for them, sunday school was about the millenium and it was like BAM you want these blessings in your life. Then we had a lesson with them later and Hermana Transito was crying during trhe lesson, i consider that good.She knows that this is true, her husband Israel still doesnt. We just gotta work through some doubts with them.
This week I discovered that my comp is at doing hair, soooo she does my hair just about every day. I will send a pic. It is pretty nice to have someone do your hair every day. She sees me trying to do a braid and says to me ¨Venga vamos a peinar¨and then does my hair in like 2 minutes hahaha.
OH last night we got home and there was a spider on the wall so I went to kill it and while I was trying to kill it, HM starts like crying my name and in my mind im thinking ¨what is more important than killing this spider right now¨but after I killed it I saw why she was crying and kind of behind me was anothing HUGGGGEEEE SPIDER. Like the biggest i've ever seen in my life. I screamed and wanted to cry because OH MY GOODNESS HOW DID THAT GET IN OUR HOUSE and because I really did not want to smash it cause there would be guts everyyywhere so then I went and got a cup and covered it and later sprayed it with some bug spray and left it, then later we found another big spider so we did the same thing and left that one too haha. Then this morning we checked them and they were shriveled and dead...really it was gross.
Well I cant really think of anything else this week. Familia Pelico still hasnt come to church. I tortillad mas this week and I am getting better but it is sooo difficult! They have magic hands here.  Oh, grandpa...another diet....hahahahahhaha. good luck gramps!! the weather here is great, so sunny and warm evrey day! Anyways love you all!
Love Kelci
Seeing the sights in Guatemala on p-day

Hermana Montalvo with Kelci on their front porch

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