Monday, November 11, 2013

Holla fo Jonah

November 11, 2013
Hola Familia!!  This week was insane i tell you!! We had so so soooo many people to visit and all investigators!! How awesome is that!! First with Maribel. I can't remember if I told you about her but I teach her daughter english and we actually went to her house this week. When we got there she had another one of her friends and her daughter there to learn english. So i taught some english and after we had a lesson and gave them books of mormon and made 2 more appointments for that week. But her spouses dad...we think we aren't sure...he died. So they cancelled both appointments which was quite a disappointment cause Maribel seems so so positive. She didnt come to church either. We are going to work hard with her this week and put a baptism date with her. But let me just tell you the continuing awkward moment of this week, with Maribel, familia pelico and members too! At least 3 times this week I have received vicarious marriage proposals. At first I laugh but then they´re legitimately serious about it soooo...i never know what to say. But Maribel was whipping pics out of her bro who she wants me to marry, familia pelico wants me to return to care for and then marry their grandson of 5 years...not a joke...and then this menos activo fam is trying to hook me up with this norte elder who returned home and they talk to him in fb and what not. Really its quite awkward and my lack of spanish makes it even more awkward hahaha. I just tell them i haven't met my husband yet so Im not thinking about it. So  monday pday last week was crazy. Like I said we went to this waterfall place. But my comp went to xela with hna huarachi because she had too for an appointment i guess, so my comp was hermana stephens. Pday is over at 6 and from then on we have appointments. Hna stephens had an appointment in their area that was important at 6 and we had one at 7 that was important so we figured we could do both just take the bus to our area after. Well the appointment in their area didn't start till 6:45 and ended a little after 8. So after we decided we could make it to my area...well buses end at 7 soooo we ended up running. Its about a 15 min bus ride was a long run. But we made it really fast! And we ended up visiting one family. Idk i'm just proud of myself for running that far haha. So not sure if i told you about Fransisca...she lives with some less actives and she is 17. But we had a lesson with her and invited her to be baptized for the 16th and she excepted. Then we visited her this week and asked her if she read the BoM and what not and she said yes and then she told us she believes everything is true and she can't wait to be baptized. Well she didn't show up to church yesterday and when we called her yesterday before church to make sure she was going, she said no and we asked why and she said just no. So poop. We visited her last night and she said she isn't ready for baptism...later she will be. But no way are we giving up. We are putting her date for the 23rd and not moving it. So I should clarify that people have to have gone to church 3 times before they can be baptized. So Seperina and her fam cant be baptized this month cause they didn't go to church cause they had to work. Grrr how frustrating. We are planning to teach them Sabbath day this week with the bishop's wife who is a convert of 4 years and has received many blessings for keeping the sabbath day so we will see how it goes. This week we visited them in their tortilleria and they taught me how to tortilla! WOW harder then it looks i tell you. Everyone just laughed at me the whole time cause i couldn't do it hahaha. I will take a video or picture next time. So this week we were visiting diana and her grandma came out while we were talking and angrily started telling us how diana cant change her religion blah blah. We talked to her for awhile and let me tell you that lady is so ignorant, i know she felt the spirit yet after she just said Diana can't change. Whatever lady, i´ll see you after this life and then we´ll see. Its harsh to think that but its so true and thinking that makes me want to teach and talk to EVERYONE. But anyways Diana's date is for the 23rd. So this week we wrote a card and left some scriptures from the bible in it and a cake thing and left it for her mom. Diana couldn't come to church but we visited her after and she said her mom said that she said she will think about it!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! That was glorious news!! Especially yesterday after freaking no one showed up to church and we worked so hard this week. So Diana will be baptized this month I am positive. So two funny quotes from this week, someone asked me ¨can you see really, really good cause your eyes are clear¨ hahaha...also It was raining and  I was wearing a black skirt and my rain jacket and my boots and my black scarf and a guy in the street said ¨¨Why are you wearing all black...I haven't died yet baby.¨ It was really funny and now that I think about it i'm not sure why but it was funny and people here are funny. 
In my personal study this week I read the story of Jonah in the bible. What a locooooo story but so awesome and so much we can learn. In ch 4 vs 4 god asks Jonah ¨Doest thou well to be angry?" I'm not sure how God meant it but i really absolutely LOVE this question. Really what good is it to be angry about anything! So this has been a personal goal, to always think, "doest thou well to be angry?" I would encourage everyone to try and think this all the time and I know that 1, life will be easier and 2, we will be happier. 
Well not much else this week. Yesterday I almost died of diarrhea, i took my medicine but that didn't work so it was pretty bad. But now I'm good haha. My comp and I ate the licorice that gramps sent and she LOVED IT. She had never seen it before and didn.t know how to eat it hahaa. It's a different world here! 
Work hard everyone! Love you all! Love Kelci 

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