Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Holla fo scheduling baptisms!

Nov 4, 2013
HOLA FAMILIA!!! Nothing too exciting this week. I had divisions just for a day with our hermana leaders and it was so great!! I went to the area of hermana Stephens just about 10 minutes away and her comp went to our area. I learned soooooo much from hermana Stephens and wow I forgot how much I love english! But it was the day of halloween that we had divisions I cant even remember what day halloween was...but her area is waaaaayyy more city so I didn't see anyone dressed up but when I got back to my area some of our families showed us their costumes. 
Day of the Dead is HUGE here. Everything closes and there isn't anyone in  the streets and no buses. EVERYONE goes to the cemetery. 
Anyways this week HM and I were sick of not having any success so we literally did everything in our power to have baptismal dates for this month and guess what? WE HAVE 4!!!! two are fam of Seperina and 1 is Diana, this time it WILL happen and the other is Fransiscs who ├▒ives with a menos activa familia. They are all going to happen and I am stoked. Thank you for your fasting and prayers in our behalf. 
So a boy in their ward left this week for his mission and his setting apart was a ward ordeal. They invited everyone to the chapel Tuesday night and had like a testimony meeting of the family then the blessing in front of everyone...hahahaha a bit odd but it was good.  
Really nothing too exciting happened this week besides divisions and being able to speak english. When i get to speak english it's like a whole other world haha. 
Today for pday we traveled about 2 hours to go to a lake and cascada. It was so cool!!! It was like jungle and it was everything I imagined Guatemala to be like! I will send pics next week. 
Grandpa thank you so soooooo much for your package. I died laughing about your story with Neal and the club...wish I could have witnessed that! 
Mamma Nielson thank you so much for your letter! Love you!! 
Well I so wish I had more to tell but I don't. Diarrhea is a regular thing, I love Guatemala!!!! I
love you all. 
love kelci 

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