Monday, October 28, 2013

Holla fo herding goats!

October 28, 2013; 1:00 PM

HOLA FAMILIA!!!!! Como esta! So last week for FHE we went to a house of a menos activo and after the lesson ended up playing games. Well during the lesson the baby pulled out a beer and the lady is divorced and informed us that she is 3 months prego....she more menos activo then we thought soooo thats great haha. But thats not the point of the story! So I lost one of the games and I had a punishment that they chose. They made me dance. Not that I was opposed to it at all! So they turned on some hispanic music and I danced and they thought it was THE FUNNIEST thing ever. Shot to my confidence hahaha but no it was really fun...I hope you all are still having dance parties! Latino music is a million times funner to dance to!
This week there was INSANE rain storm I think tuesday night. Ya know how everyone freaks out when there is that massive puddle by DQ in town when it rains...yea well that was every street here. Man it was insane. My jacket and boots were glorious but my skirt was soaked through as well as my slip. I will send a pic of my fashionable rain outfit.  (see above)
I cooked french toast for one of our investigador families this week and they looooooved it! Haha they looooove syrup its so funny.
So one day we were walking and there is this guy herding his goats, there is about 8, and one got away! So he asks us to help him so I go and grab the rope and try to lead the goat towards the guy but the goat starts running the other direction!! So my comp is way back just standing there watching me dying laughing and I am running with this goat! HAHAHA, I looked like a fool i'm sure. But my comp and the man were yelling at me to ¨´suertelo´¨ which of course I have no idea what that means. Eventually my comp said 'dejarlo' which is leave it and i understood that. I walked back to my comp and she asked me why i didn't suertelo and I said what does that mean and she just started laughing hysterically. It means drop it...sooooo hahahah yea, the rest of the day she told EVERYONE that story. But it was funny and I herded a goat!!
Crazy story of the week. We met with Graciela this week and when we sat down and asked her how she liked the ward activity that was the talent show the week before she said she hated it. We asked why and she said because there was dancing and music that wasn't christian music and it was all of the devil. Then she started hating on the church in general then the temple and really I was about to lose it. If I could talk I probably would have yelled at her. I could tell my comp was getting frustrated but she remained calm. She kept saying our church was of the world and we worship worldly things AS SHE IS SITTING THERE WITH THREE PHONES IN HER HAND. It was so awesome cause our phone rang and Graciela said aren't you gonna answer and my comp said ¨no i consider my phone a worldly thing. Right now we´re talking about God.¨OOOOOH graciela was shocked I tell you. But as soon as there was a moment to breath I signaled to my comp that we needed to leave cause it was not a good feeling there and all she wanted to do was argue. We even used scriptures from the biblia and she argued. My comp said this is your book and your arguing against it! we left her permanently.
Everyone here who we talk to thinks that all religion is from God. They think ALL religion is good. So that's what we have to focus on with just about everyone.
This week I played soccer in the street with some kids, they designated me goalie and they scored on me, how embarrassing haha. But then I went and scored a goal so it was okay haha. They are all so good at soccer here, its in their blood!
We have a new investigator, Laura. She owns a paper store and that's how we met her, buying paper haha. But we have met with her one other time, she is sooooo nice and she tells us all her bf probs. She is 35 and never married. She wants to be married and start a family but she can't find anyone. Like I want more than anything right now to play match maker but I know I can't. Anyways she is catholic and always says, i'm active in my catholic church but I love you hermanas, haha so we will work with her and hopefully help her find a spouse!
Yesterday we went to visit Seperina and her fam and then they wanted to dress us in their clothes so we ended up doing that then they wanted to take pictures and we did that and that went for about 90 minutes. They loooooove pictures I tell you. They all went and changed and did their hair and what not. It was so cute. I will send pics of that. 
(evidently, since Kelci has left us she turned into a giant!) ^
Love you all!! Love, Kelci

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  1. "evidently, since Kelci has left us she turned into a giant!" I laughed out loud. Seriously. :)