Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Holla fo natives who speak English!

October 21, 2013

Hola Familia!!
Como esta! Again, I apologize, I have no idea how to do a question mark haha.So last monday for PDay we got permission to go out of our area to have dinner and FHE with a family who has been wanting us to come over forever, mostly because they know HM and love her. But we went and turns out they lived in the US for 11 years and speak english!! This was a tender mercy let me tell you. I talked to the 16 year old daughter foreeeevvvvvverrrr about everything american. It was so great, i felt like I was talking to Kea!
So for our district meeting some of the assistants came and they brought mail!! Woo hoo! 
SO investigator wise this week was kinda rough. Familia Alavarado and Eberta have the same issue. They aren't married and the husband is still married to another woman and it takes 6 months and 10 thousand quetzals to do those papers....so thats pretty much 2 out the door for us. We will continue to visit them but can't do anything. We made a cake but it broke so we didn't take it to diana's mom. Also Diana didnt go to church yesterday and mission leader says she has to be completely and fully active for 8 sundays in a row soooo it will be a while before her baptism. We had our first real lesson with Seperina and her family yesterday. We took an RM of about 5 years with us and it's always a lot better with him. The spirit was so strong and he says they are positive so woo hoo!! We are hoping they improve, I have a good feeling about them.
So crazy experience. One day we were walking in the street to an appointment and this little boy and i think his sister were waiting for the bus and as we walk by he grabs my wrist and starts yanking me. I got a really, really bad feeling about him and I just stood there while he was holding my wrist looking at me with literally the craziest eyes and his mouth wide open and his sister was blabbering stuff in spanish about wanting to kiss me. I tried to break free but the little booger had a really tight grip on me. Anyways my comp said something to them and then pried me from his hands. We walked away and both agreed that we felt a terrible feeling from him. I felt horrible cause I like talking to the kids but I figure if its for me, safety then is best.
So we were in the house of Seperina this week, learning how to make tortillas and I was playing with one of the little girls hair and then I realized she had freaking gnats. I stopped immediately and cringed away. I am pleaaaading that I dont get lice. My comp thinks its funny so I can gaurantee she wont help pick gnats out. So great. No special shampoos here either.
So wednesday there was a ward activity, a talent show. It was supposed to start at 7, started at 7:45...yea thats typical here. Church starts late everything, I am adjusting to it though and it doesn't bug me as much anymore, if at all.
So this week I had a night of paiiinnn and torture. Seperina had given us some fruit and it did not look promising that is for sure. But I had to eat it and as soon as I did my stomach was in pain. That night I was up with the worst diarrhea of my life. Then the next day too. I didnt eat anything for a really, really long time and then I took my pills and POOF!! That stuff is magic! Lesson learned, no street fruit.
So Tita is a menos activo and she has a major issue with her sister who lives next door with her family. THese sisters are like 40 or something. Anyways we visited her and she tells us about a dream she has how she needs to forgive her sister. So she's talking to us all gung ho about forgiving her sister then she asks us to teach a lesson to her sister, a fully active member, about forgiveness and ask for forgiveness for her. HAHAHA I almost busted out lauging. Anyways my comp kindly told her we can't get in the middle of their problems. We were leaving titas house and there was this HUGE HUGE GINOORMOUS spider, biggest you have ever seen. And tita tried smashing it with a wood thing and all these babies came out of it and the spider didnt die!!!!! I felt like I was in harry potter...Davis have you watched that one yet? Anyways it was terrifying and we ran away.
WE didnt have any investigators at church yesterday. We want to leave Graciels but every time we are about to we have a crazy powerful lesson with her so we don"t really know. An RM is gonna come with us and help us with the next visit. Nothing else really, things are good. Weather is blistering hot every day. I'm dead exhausted everyday and I dont think its normal so I started taking my anemic pills. Also I probably need to eat more healthy. Really all I ever cook is french toast. My comp loves it haha. Tomorrow I am cooking it for Family Alvarado for dinner.
Hope all is well.  Well love you all! Love Hermana Kelci

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