Monday, October 14, 2013

Holla fo investigators with "156089487693478953 people in their family"

Hola Familia!!! Well I have some stories for you this week! First off I only get mail once a month so all the dear elders and what not I will get at the first of november. So it rained hard core every stinking evening last week and I hadnt bought rain boots yet so today i bought rainboots. they are hideous but they will suffice. I will take a pic later. And this week I got sick..I think it was the food but my comp had it too so im not sure. We woke up yesterday and she informed me that she had been puking all night...good thing it was sunday, i felt fine. She was in pain all day. Church was at 8, we were half an hour late cause we were picking up some investigators and recent converts. One of our investigators was drunk for church so that was great. But we had two others. ANyways she felt sick and after church she rested till lunch at 1. We went to lunch and she didnt eat, then we had a meeting at 3 then a game night with Mildred, our 17 year old investigator and her boyfriend, at a members house. We walked to pick them up and then to the members house. As we started walking my stomach was just killing me. We picked them up and by then I was resisting the urge to puke. As soon as we got to the members house I asked to use their bathroom and threw up. It was great. Then I sat through all the games wanting to die...the life of a missionary. But now I feel great!! And I have diarhea everyday of my life, its not painful its just gross. I'm sure dad knows how that feels. So our investigators. First Diana. She is 17 and has her baptism date for 26 de octubre but her mom hates us and wont let here talk to us and wont give her permission to be baptized soooo...we have some work to do there. We are taking her mom a cake on wednesday so hopefully that works. Graciela, she isnt an investigator really. She has had all the lessons before I got here and I met her for the first time this week. Being in her house was one of the saddest experiences of my life. She has 3 kids, her hubby died 4 months ago by suicide, her in laws are threatening to take away her kids and her house, she doesnt have a job and she has a ton of debts. She really does not give her kids any attention at all, doesnt feed them, bathe them, nothing. Everyday we try to meet with her but she always makes up some sort of lie why she can't. Anyways we finally got in, made her a microwave cake and we´re teahing our lesson, she is on her phone the whole time, SCREAMING at her kids the whole time and I almost started crying I felt absolutely horrible for them. Anyways its a horrible situation and she really is not progressing. I wish everyone would realize the importance of this life. Sometimes I just wanna pound the gospel into people cause EVERYONE NEEDS THIS GOSPEL but alas, I cannot. Plan of salvation doesn't help cause she hated her husband and hates her kids. So one of our street contacts, Seperina owns a tortilleria and has 12 kids who all have kids and there is about 156089487693478953 people in their family and you think Im joking but I am not. The first few nights we used buying tortillas as an excuse to talk to them then we found out that they want to learn english so 2 nights I taught english classes and can I just say, I am so proud of myself. I made THE CUTEST teaching things. A body and a picture, I was gonna take a picture of them after the lesson but I ended up giving it all to them. I'm sure I will have many more oppurtunities though. Anyways 2 nights in a row I taught some of the kids english while H montalvo talked a little religion. Then we finally made an appointment with them in their house for last night. So we went last night and just played games with them for an hour and they loooooved it. We taught them how to pray too. Anyways we asked the dad to pray and he did and he kept thanking God for the hermanas so that is a good sign, it always makes me feel good to here a non member pray for us cause so many times a day we are hated on. Practically all of our street contacts after we get their number and call just tell us off. SO hopefully Seperina and family of a million go somewhere. We have two more citas with them this week woo hoo! So the second night teaching english to their fam we get to the tortilleria and there is this flat out drunk guy just talking to them. You could barely understand him he was slurring so bad and it was horrible. As soon as I got there and sat down he started talking just to me about God and who knows what else. At first it was funny and we were all laughing then it got scary when he lifted up his shirt and we saw he had a gun and a knife. He kept talking to me and I just stared at my comp who was sitting across the room. He asked me if I was from Rome then US and my comp shook her head at me to not respond so I just sat there, staring, praying that he would leave. After he opened a beer and spilled it all over the ground and talked some more and offered me money he finally left. Creepy people in these streets. It's really quite scary at night cause there aren't any street lights or lights anywhere for that matter. A lady's, from the ward, house got robbed during church and some sisters in the area next to us got robbed a week ago sooooo....we pray a lot. Sometimes I wonder why in the heck God would send a 19 year old girl to this scary place but there's a reason. My comp gets scared A LOT. She has been robbed more than once in her life and she has PTSD no doubt. So I remind her nightly that we have been set apart and we have the Spirit and God will protect us. She also thinks when a dog cries someone is going to die...I always laugh at that but she doesnt think its funny haha. Random thought, there are frogs all over here. Like ALL OVER. I caught one the other day. They range in all sizes, the smallest is the size of a penny, its awesome haha. Yea dad, everyone is at least half an hour late to everything here. I'm trying my best to adjust to this. Also yes, they are SOOOOO touchy. Whatever space bubble I had, I no longer have. I kiss like a million cheeks a day. I actually don't mind it. It definitely makes you feel closer to them even when you have just met them. So pday today was really nothing special but we went to this restaurant called Zumba that is owned by a member and it was delishhhh. It's like cafe rio but authentic. Anyways to get there we walked through ghettoooo guat. as if its not all ghetto but this was really ghetto. It was like a market kind of but people everywhere and random people selling random things everywhere. I bought a tribal blusa that is sooooo pretty, I'll send a pic sometime. And I found a camera chord and finally got a pillow!!!! Hopefully my chord works! Okay I think thats it for now. Love you all!!!! Love Hermana Robertson

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