Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Holla fo hot water!

HOLA FAMILIA ITS ABOUT STINKING TIME!!!!!!! OMYGOODNESS THIS PLACE IS INSANE!!!!! I dont know where to begin. So tuesday we left the CCM at 7 AM and it was a 4 hour bus ride. When we got to the mission house we got A WHOLE PIZZA from pizza hut to ourselves. And Pres Bautista and his wife are the nicest people I have ever met. I absolutely love them. So then after some meetings we got our trainers! They came and there were only 2 latinas out of 6, the rest were white and I was really hoping that I got a latina. So He calls each missionary up and assigns them their trainer. I was the last one!!!! But my trainer is Hermana Montalvo, she is latina and knows absolutely ZERO english. But she is the sweetest thing ever! So then we go to the bus terminal and catch a bus for our 3 hour bus ride to Hue Hue tenango! My area is called Cambote! Its really hot here and apparently rains a lot but hasnt the past two weeks. H. Montalvo has been out for almost 5 months, she is from Ecuador and she is 21. So the first day we get to our house at about 7 I think? Really I have no idea. But we went and met some members and recent baptized people. There are dogs EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!! And cats.........H Montalve thinks its funny that I'm scared of cats. Well I'm learning spanish triple as fast here as i did in the CCM. I can understand about 50 percent of what people say. HAHA its rough but everyone tells me that I'm the happiest greenie they've ever seen so I got that going for me!!! Okay so our house is...pretty nice. I want to tell you about my mini miracle! So I go to take a shower Wednesday morn and theres no hot water so yes, I cried because it was absolutely freezing. Later that night I ask HM if there is hot water and she says yes so the next morning we check for hot water but there is none. I cried again. Yes I am a baby. Next day no hot water. Cried again. HM always showers after me so every time she showered I prayed for hot water because I am in a strange place, don't understand the language, can't talk and don't know anybody and I am trying to do my best. Next morning, HOT WATER!!!!! I cried. Oh my it was a glorious day. It wasn't even hot but it wasnt freezing cold. I will always be grateful for hot water. Okay well right now we have a couple investigators and 2 baptism dates for oct. 19. Hopefully they happen. One is a 16 year old girl whose parents do not approve of her being baptized so we have a lot of work to do there. My favorite part is street contacting. I LOVE TALKING TO PEOPLE!!! Probably because its pretty easy to get their attention cause I'm white hahah. Everyone stares and whistles and makes ch ch noises. Really it was annoying but now I ignore it. CONFERENCE WAS AWESOMMMEEEE!!!! Man I love our leaders. Oh yea. so the ride to our area was on a chicken bus, you have not lived until you have ridden a chicken bus. Its a school bus but they stuff it with as many people as they can. There was 3 to our seat and people sitting in the isle and everywhere. It was awesome. So the food is pretty good. We always have a lunch appointment with members. I've eaten a lot of soup and rice and all sorts of beans and eggs and tortillas at every meal. Lots of tortillas!! But I like the food and thanks to the CCM I haven't had any diarrhea issues. Oh funny story so they day after I get here we rode a bus for about 15 minutes to centro where the grocery store is, I ask if we can go to the bathroom and we do and I get in the stall and there ain't no toilet paper, I ask my comp if she has tp and she says no...Yea I walked out of the stall and just held it. They dont use tp or soap here....YUCK. And whoever said they would provide pillows is a big fat liar cause I don't have apillow. I was gonna buy one today but they only come in packs of two and that's a pain to take on the people filled bus. Good thing I don't like pillows!  Gran, Caitlin and Natalie, I LOVE YOU ALL. Caitlin, as soon as I know my address I have a letter so send you. I hope the mouse is dead hahahhahaha! Natalie, I am so sad I am missing the first year of your babies life. You best send me lots of pictures. Let me know how Shane's interviews go. I would be so jelly if you all moved to Arizona. Gran, Thank you for your encouraging words. I love your letters and they always help me remember why I am here. Sammi, AHHHHHH I LOVED HEARING FROM YOU!!!! YOU LEAVE SO SOON AND YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!!!! Way to go with the baptisms! Such an accomplishment. Gladys, your funny for thinking I know spanish already. I hope all is well for you, stay away from those boys.

I hope somehow you forward this email or something to the people I mention, that would be much appreciated. I dont know how Conner writes so little, I could write 100 pages if I had time. So we never really eat dinner, we just work through it but sometimes we will be at someones house and they will just feed us. I feel absolutely horrible when these people feed us and they have next to nothing. It definitely makes me 100000 times more grateful for what I have. I was gonna do all my laundry by hand but then I watched my comp do hers and yeaaaa...its way more complicated than I thought so I'm having a member do it. Well All is well. I love you all, thank you for everything. I really have the best family ever. You are awesome, enjoy your hot water. Oh if i get FB requests just accept them, some members like to search for me.
Love you all so much. Love Kelci

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