Thursday, September 26, 2013

Holla fo improvised golf!

 SO not much this week except this place is starting to get a little weird haha. First someone stole a girls wallet with a ton of money in it so Pres had to come up and talk to us one night about it and if it wasnt returned by 8 the next morning they were gonna do a search and if they found it that person was going home. So the next morning the money was found on the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom. Yikes! Then some boys invisiline got stolen so the same threat was made for him but no one returned it so they are searching the boys. And then last night some latinas were freaking out cause they think there are evil spirits in their room and they slept on the floor together and blah blah. All the nortes are starting to give in and I'm over here just dying laughing at these people. I wish I could just tell them that WE ARE MISSIONARIES IT IS OKAY JUST PRAY. But they are all way too freaked out. Its quite hilarious. Okay so everyone here calls me Hermana Macarena cause of the card you gave me and all the latinas come into my room and we do the macarena hahahahhaha it is sooooo awesome. So this week HH and I adopted Hermana Call! Her comp was way too fluent in spanish so she went to a latina district so we got Hermana Call. Let me just say, I LOVE HERMANA CALL!!! She is from Beaver Utah and is really the cutest thing ever. Breanna Call, fb stalk her. But we all get along perfectly and we teach so good together so yea I love it. It will be so sad to leave these companions. So I didnt have to talk in Sacrament meeting and this week is fast sunday so I never had to give a talk! wooohoooo!!!! OH THE BEST PART OF MY WEEK!! So elder vincent challenged me to a mini golf match in two years but I said no way lets do it now but then we couldnt think of anything for clubs. So for a week I tried to think of a way to make golf clubs. Well here's what I did I took mini broom handles and duck taped a snickers on the end for a club head and used the flat part to hit. Then I stole plums and used those as balls and also stole a cup for a hole. IT WAS AWESOME!! we played at deportes and needless to say, I beat elder vincent. And then everyone started wanting to play so we played until one of the plums exploded haha. It was so fun. Also more kids came on saturday and that is always just the highlight of my week. I want to adopt a million guatemalan children. They are the cutest most humble children!!! Spanish is coming, I can understand pretty well, speaking is another story. I am anxious to get to the field cause thats when I will learn best no doubt. All this week we have been learning about teaching with the spirit so my focus has shifted from learniing spanish to learning and trying to have the spirit with me more fully and really looking for it when I teach because its the Spirit doing the conversion and not me. So thats about it!
Okay thats about it, sorry for the short email. Make sure all mail is being sent to quetzalt now. Oh yea one more thing our trio gets tutored every day and the tutor served in quetzalt and she said the kiche is a MAJOR language there so we will have to learne that too. Yea Kiche is clicking. SO AWESOME!!! I'm stoked but nervous but more stoked then nervous so its okay. Okay sibs I love you guys hope all is well. Choose the right! Love you all, Love Hermana Kelci

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  1. We have enjoyed reading Hermana Robertson's letters. Our Son Elder Vincent is mentioned in a number of them, but Hermana Robertson shares a lot of other things going on in the CCM. I guess next week they will be heading out to their own missions. Elder Vincent's Blog is at for another perspective of what they are doing there.