Monday, September 2, 2013

Holla fo !!!

HOLA FAMILIA!!!!! I GOT ALL YOUR LETTERS AND YOUR PACKAGE AND I LOVE IT ALL!!! KEEP THE DEAR ELDERS COMIN!! Apparently we get dear elders every day not just thursdays so keep writing! 
 Everything is here is so laid back and no structure so thats something I have to adjust too. Yes I met Hermana Parker! She said she has the best cousins in the world. Tell Mindy!
The temple was so GOOD!!! It was in english, a teeny tiny temple with one room for the whole session besides the celestial. The celestial was GORGEOUS!!! The ceiling was this big mirror, it was awesome. It was a little rough walking through the veil and not having you dad or grandpa there waiting for me. 
Dad, Someone lost the soccer ball so we cant play soccer. Patience is something I am learning, I just keep reminding myself that you learned spanish so I can too. 
Gran, Thank you for your letter! BYU week sounds so fun and I am so jealous you got to heare from elder ballard.
We watched a devotional last night by dallin h oaks from 2011 in the provo Mtc. He mentioned that missionaries need to accept the change and becoming a new person. I think one of my biggest things is trying to let go of who I was and put myself in the Lords hands and become who he wants me to be. i already know im changing by how I think and act but some aspects I need to just let go.
Macy I wore my elites the other day and everyone was callin me a baller haha! onne of the elders told me they were crooked and I thought of you and told him what a baller you are. That day I beat all the elders in 21!! OH YEAAA!!
So Im losing weight not I dont know because the other day i ate four desserts and today I ate 3 sooo...I must be VERY stressed hahaha! 
One of our teachers, Hermano Mendez, sounds just like Gru. It is SO HILARIOUS and we tease him all the time because he says leetle keetin. Davis, watch despicable me for me and think of him! Little kids came to the CCM the other day and I went CRAZY!!! I was just attracting kids! I dont know how haha but this little girl was all over me and she was jumping up and down on my feet so, I know im not supposed to, but I picked her up and she was kissiing my cheeck and it was the sweetest thing. I CANNOT WAIT TO GET IN THE FIELD!!! WALMART TOMORROW!!! Ive never been so excited to go to walmart haha pathetic i know!! So 2 weeks before I leave send all mail and packages to my mission, the ccm probs wont get it in time.
Tell Boyd that the roosters go off every day at 440 and I think of him every time and how nice the US is! 
The bread here is SO GOOD! again, i dont know how im not fat haha. We get to watch movies on sunday. Yesterday we watched the joseph smith movie. Man that is a GREAT movie. Everytime I watch it it confirms my testimony of Joseph smith. Yalll need to watch it again! Also we watched a movie about the book of mormon and where the think a lot of it takes place and they said right here in guat! WADDUP GUATEMALA IM IN THE COUNTRY OF THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!! HOLLAAA!
I dont eeat breakfast excpet for this think called arroz con leche. It is the Im sure dad has had it before. Yesterday we fasted for 22 hours, it wasnt bad actually and I prayed for strength so it was no prob. It was so spiritual though because the nortes leaving tomorrow sang we are as the armies of helaman as we are as sisters in zion and it just hit me that right now, i am part of Gods army. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!
 HHs moms best friends neice lives here and she brought me and her tshirts! how nice!!! thats about it for this week I think! OH! the weather!! It is sooooo warm here! But randomly it will just straight downpour like YOUVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!! Its awesome, good thing I love the rain. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! Thank you for the letters, I love them!! BE HAPPY CAUSE IM HAPPY AND IM IN A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY LEARNING A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE!!! Love you all, Hermana Robertson

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